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Yellow Hair (Now on Sale)

Andrew Joyce


Yellow Hair documents the injustices done to the Sioux Nation from their first treaty with the United States in 1805 through Wounded Knee in 1890. Every death, murder, battle, and outrage written about actually took place. The historical figures that play a role in this fact-based tale of fiction were real people and the author uses their real names. Yellow Hair is an epic tale of adventure, family, love, and hate that spans most of the 19th century.

This is American history.

Andrew Joyce is the recipient of the 2013 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Western for his novel, Redemption: The Further Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.

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Majestic Reimaginings – New Release

J and I Publishing

At last! The moment that I know you have all been waiting for with bated breath. J and I Publishing are proud to announce the release of ‘Majestic Reimaginings’, a landscape color book for adults with accompanying poetry. Beautiful landscape coloring images are presented alongside a poem influenced by that picture.

There are two editions available, ‘Majestic Reimaginings’, and ‘Majestic Reimaginings: Illustrator’s Edition’. We hope that you enjoy them.

For a taster of what to expect see this recent blog post.

The information for both can be seen below:

Majestic Reimaginings

majestic reimaginings


Majestic Reimaginings is a color book for adults with a twist. Lovely poems accompany these images to help you relax and feel the world of nature around you as you color your stress away. Take a few moments for yourself and unwind next to a peaceful river, or relax on the beach and listen to the sounds…

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Daily Quip

This goes along with my last two posts about bullying

Butterfly Sand

Words touch and by touching leave an indelible mark. So choose your words carefully.

Daily Quip 2016

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Fear (haiku)

Fear Haiku

Cool but sunny

It is a bright sunny day here in northern Indiana – that always goes a long way to brightening my mood. I know we need rain (which is coming I think along with really high winds), but the sunshine makes me happier.

Not much of a blog post I know, but it is what is making me happy today.


Back at it

Back to work today. Normally I’m quite grateful for my standing desk. Not so much today. So I put my laptop down on my regular desk. Had trouble staying focused though. And I was on my feet too much and I paid the price tonight. 

But then I’m grateful that I am even able to whine! Tomorrow will be better…or not. 

Continuing Car Saga

I am so very thankful today because it has now been confirmed to me twice that the woman I hit is fine. 

First the ER nurse assured me she would be okay (even though I didn’t hear it from her, if you get my drift). But tonight my claims specialist called to confirm that the accident was my fault (as we already knew it was). Then she told me she couldn’t say any more but the other woman is physically fine. 

I’m so thankful. It has been weighing heavy on me. 

On a side note, the adjuster said he quit adding up repair costs when he got to $13,000 but could easily added another $6,000+. My car wasn’t worth that much new I don’t think. He again mentioned that he is amazed I walked away basically unharmed. I’m praising God for His protection. 

Now, to go car shopping. Ugh!

Best Friends

Today I want to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude to my friends. My inbox has been full of well wishes. My refrigerator is full of meals from friends wanting to help out. I’m overwhelmed by the phone calls, texts, emails from everyone. If I had any doubts that I have people who care about me before, I sure don’t now. I have the best friends. 

Grateful to be alive 

It is exhausting just to get from one place to another. But I’m not complaining. I’m thrilled to have that option at all. 

I went to the tow truck lot today to empty my car. The interior is nearly pristeen except for all the exploded air bags. Here are pictures of my car I took today. I know I am in s small town, but this made the front page of the paper. I have heard from so many people wanting to know how I am. 


Thankful beyond words

I was involved in a very serious car accident this morning. Involved isn’t quite right. I was at fault. 

It was a bright sunny day and I needed my sunglasses. They were on the passenger seat and I looked away to find them. When I looked up there was a car who had stopped (turning maybe?)

Driving about 50 mph and I slammed into the back of her van. Thank God for seatbelts and airbags. EMS, fire department and police were all dispatched. They told me I should not be walking away and should be dead. 

I’m more sore than you can imagine. Severe contusion from the seatbelt that saved my life. I’m purple in places I can’t even show off! Laceration on my right shin. And then a second trip to ER tonight because all of a sudden I couldn’t walk on my right foot and it was really swollen. I was afraid it was broken. Thankfully just a really bad sprain. 

Bottom line, I have had to cancel most of my week at work and rearrange some stuff. But so thankful I’m here to do it. I’m not an overly religious person. But I do believe in Jesus and know He was taking care of me and the lady I hit. He wasn’t ready for me yet. 

I’m pretty emotional tonight. Hug your loved ones tonight and tell them you love them. I’m thankful and overwhelmed by the support of my friends. And I know I have many who are praying for my complete recovery.

I may post a picture tomorrow of my car. I didn’t think to take a picture today. But I need to go empty it out. I’m hoping I can look at it without falling apart. 

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