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Thanksgiving Project – Vacation – Yeah, Baby


Just a few short hours until my plane leaves…but I’m already on vacation. In fact, my mind was sunbathing on the beach. Too bad my body was still at work!

But if it could go south today, it did. Warren called at noon and said “I hate to do this to you, but”. That could only mean one thing…he wasn’t going to take me to the airport (which is 25 miles away).

Yep, he got a chance to drive to Pittsburgh and pick up a car for a local car dealership. What he failed to tell me was he was leaving at 4:00 this afternoon to do that. But he drove the 15 miles to my office to see me first. Well, actually, he drove to the Verizon store because he ran over his phone with the mower…and I happened to be in the same town.

But, the good news is I was able to see friends and have a glass of wine and spend the evening in the quiet house alone! I treasure my alone time. I’m with people all day long, and most evenings. So being home alone is a real treat.

I begged a ride from my secretary. Wasn’t sure what else to do. Everyone I know would be working.

Bottom line….I’m on vacation…next stop Tampa 🙂

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