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Thanksgiving Project – Final Day

Today was my final day in Florida. I fly out tomorrow morning and head straight back to work in the afternoon.

But today was glorious. Sunny, blue skies, white billowy clouds, warm temps, and THE BEACH!!!!

I truly believe I was born to be on the beach. I love hearing the waves. I can’t swim, but I love standing in the surf and rising up to meet the waves.

We lunched at the Sandbar in Anna Maria Island and then headed out to sit in the sand. I definitely stayed out too long, but it was wonderful. My knees are really quite red, but by Thursday they will be nicely browned. The beach was nearly empty – after spring break, before school is out, and a weekday.

I’m thankful the weather decided to cooperate. I’m thankful for time out of the office. I’m thankful for the beach!!!!!



Thanksgiving Project – Beach Day (4)


I got up this morning full of anticipation for a day outdoors. The sky was very cloudy and it was drizzly. My heart sank. But I was determined that it wasn’t going to get me down.

We went ahead to the outdoor Saturday morning market which was lovely. Lots of people milling about looking at the various vendor wares and grabbing some delicious looking pastries (I did not indulge). Breezy but there were less clouds.

So we headed to the beach at Treasure Island. Got a great parking spot, grabbed our towels, beach chairs and my Nook. Finally, got my toes in the sand


After about an hour the sky got very dark and we could see it raining out over the water far away. I was so hoping it wouldn’t come to land.


But it wasn’t long before the wind picked up and brought more clouds with it. We were feeling like we were being sandblasted. Not sure if I’m red from the sun or the wind. But the beach emptied pretty quickly (and us with it).

Home now getting ready for tonight’s adventure – Arena football. I dearly love football and have never really cared for arena football. But Tampa has the championship team from last year so we are going to watch the Tamar Bay Storm play the New Orleans Voodoo. Concert before the game (band unknown, but I love all music) and plenty of tailgating food, and drinks! Plus I’m wearing a new sundress that I feel fabulous in 😀

Lots to be thankful for today
It skirted us. So glad because I really wanted the sun. The sun returned.


Thanksgiving Project – Vacation – Day 2

The rain eased up last night and it hasn’t rained at all today. That doesn’t mean I’ve seen any sun though.

I am starting to think the vacation gods are out to get me. When I was off work between Christmas and New Year’s, I was very sick with a nasty bug. Nasty enough to send me to the doctor and take meds. If you know me, I hate doctors and never go and hate taking anything. So, basically I lost four vacation days in bed.

Now, a trip to Florida after a never ending Indiana winter. Two absolutely gorgeous days in Indiana…and all I’ve seen is clouds and rain.

But, then I remembered my cruise in January and a long weekend with one of my best friends in southeast Florida. The weather was unseasonably warm and I enjoyed every single second of it!

I also remembered that I’m not at work…I’m still on vacation! And I know the weather will get better before I leave. My friend is taking tomorrow off so we will have a fun day regardless.

Okay, gotta go read some more…and nap. Vacationing and relaxing is exhausting 🙂


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