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Thanksgiving Project – Small Town Life

Many people don’t understand small towns in rural America. I have always lived in small towns (except for a few years in Fort Wayne, which many would still consider a small town).

Small towns are full of friendly people. It is pretty easy to find things. You know, WalMart is on one end of town and everything fills up around it. There are usually two main streets – one east to west and the other north to south.

And even that is bigger than where I really live – out in the country with neighbors far enough away that I can’t see them. Sure, there are disadvantages – I have to actually drive into said small town to pick up a pizza (delivery is not an option). Some grocery options aren’t available. We don’t have those fancy Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Really not much more available than WalMart.

But I love it.

Today I had to ride the Metro in Washington DC. Not much intimidates me, but that certainly intimidated me. Thankfully, a colleague who was accustomed to that kind of transportation held my hand (even paying for my ticket). He tried hard to explain it all to me. But he might as well have been explaining astrophysics in Swahili. If I had gotten separated from him, I would have stood and cried. I suppose if I had to do it I would figure it out, but I was overwhelmed. No thanks Big City, I will stick with small town life.

Today I’m thankful for my small town. And thankful for James guiding me through the Metro so I could get back to the hotel without a $27 cab ride.


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