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Thanksgiving Project – Blessings Galore

This has certainly been a memorable birthday. I spent it in the hospital with dad. He had a sleepless night followed by a morning of vomiting. Got all of that under control though and then waited all day to talk to the social worker about a rehab facility for dad. Long story short…she was supposed to see me at 5 but didn’t show up until after 6. Not one single facility in our town was on dad’s network. Since he won’t leave to another town 12 miles out of town, he has a co-pay. Just a fiasco. And he was getting whiny with me…only me. Everybody else, he’s his normal sweet self. I’m already exhausted and when he gets like that, it makes me cry. But today is over. I still have my dad here on earth with me so it is all good.

I had soooo many birthday wishes…Facebook, texts, emails, cards, phone calls and personal visits. And the best was all the blogs and poems and animated cards. Thank you my dear friends for thinking about me and putting forth the effort for me. You have made me feel special. I love you all.

And if you haven’t seen those blogs, check out Ionia, Charles , Susan, Bradley, and others. You guys are the BEST! 💛💙💜❤ and for Green Embers 💚.

I’m thankful for so much today. Thankful for my dad and his medical caregivers. I’m thankful I could take time from work to be with him. I’m thankful I’m home tonight to sleep in my bed. I’m thankful for all my friends who have sent me birthday wishes. I’m thankful tomorrow is a new day.

Thanksgiving Project – Birthdays

Happy Birthday to my favorite little man.

He turned a big four years old today. His party was actually last Sunday. Unfortunately since I took him home on Sunday I couldn’t go. But I did get to talk to him on the phone.


The phone is finally starting to come together for him. Now he actually talks instead of just listening and breathing heavily. I do love that little man. He makes my heart happy.

Here he is with his dad. I’m also thankful that his dad does spend time with him every week even though he and my daughter split up three years ago.

Happy Birthday Tiny Tornado! Grandma loves you to the moon and back!

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