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Thanksgiving Project – Book Club

Our book club is poorly named.

I knew my friend Catherine went to a book club every week so I thought it would be fun. I had met one of the other women and liked her. So timidly I asked if I could join in. “Of course!”, they said. We actually picked a book to read. And the next week, over dinner and wine, we talked about it…for about five minutes. Then we decided to read another book. But we didn’t all read it at the same time. And I’m pretty sure we didn’t talk about it.

That was well over a year ago. The lady who hosts book club and I have become best friends. We have traveled together…we go to concerts, theatre, fashion shows. And every week we have book club. Even when we don’t have book club, she and I still have dinner and wine at her house weekly. Her husband is the cook normally. But sometimes I take dinner.

Well, we haven’t had book club for three weeks because Holly (my BFF) has been taking a class. And then tonight, I didn’t think I could go since I still have Soren. So, I invited them here. I made awesome spaghetti with meat sauce. And, if course, had a couple of bottles of wine. And, surprise, we talked about a book. Our small town is home to a man who is former CIA and I’m friends with his wife. He wrote a book, Harbor Knight. Holly had gone to his talk and book signing so she brought the book along. I downloaded the book and the Catherine downloaded it too. So, we are back to being a book club…kinda.

I’m thankful my friends came to dinner. And Holly and her husband brought Soren an awesome birthday present…a bubble mower. It was a big hit with the tiny tornado. I think he ran 10 miles around the yard tonight. And he doesn’t even know about the bubbles yet.

Soren had a big day. I took him to a babysitter so I could go to work today. He went to a farm (remember he lives in Cleveland) and was fascinated by the horses. He rode the Gator with his new friend Brendan and he played with matchbox cars. Then when he got home, he got to ride the tractor with Warren. He just loves all that. Poor little guy is worn out tonight.

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