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I’m Bored

After a week with the tiny tornado, I should just be resting and enjoying the quiet. But, quite the opposite…I’m BORED!

My cleaning lady comes this week so it doesn’t make sense to clean my house.
It’s overcast so soaking up some sun really isn’t an option.
My friends are all busy with other things today.
I don’t really feel like reading. Although maybe that is just a lack of focus.
I hate shopping so that really isn’t an option.
I guess I could go see a movie alone.
I suppose I could go to the office, but I hate working on weekends.

Being bored almost never happens to me. I’m not used to this. I’m either on the go or enjoying my rare quiet times.

What I need to do is get myself dressed. Yes, I’ve just been laying in bed doing nothing all morning. And get out and do something. But what????

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