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Good news

After stressing out about my car and nearing a meltdown when I priced just the part for a new starter, Warren left to go put the battery charger on it. He was going to let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Of course he had to shovel snow away from the barn door so he could leave first. It has been bitter bitter cold again all day. In fact, as I write this, it is 3 degrees but the windchill is -14 degrees.

I’m grateful he went to take care of my car. But I was surprised when he called. I jokingly asked if it started right up. And his answer was “yep!” Really? We tried for over 30 minutes yesterday and it wouldn’t even click. He got in it this morning and it started right up!

We think that there was ice either around the starter or when I put it in park there was ice to prevent it from fully going into park. It warmed up to about 10 degrees overnight so it dislodged or something.

Anyway, the great news is my car is just fine. And it’s in the garage out of the air. It is supposed to go down to -7 tonight. Wind chills tomorrow most of the day will be -20 to -30. Brrrrrr

But I’m thankful I have a fully functioning car again.


Short and sweet (depending on your definition) today.

It was incredibly cold and windy today. I took my time going to work this morning and didn’t get there until about 9. But then I decided it was entirely too cold to go anywhere else. So I stayed in the office. But I needed to grab some lunch and get a check signed. No problem, right? Wrong!

My car wouldn’t start. It wouldn’t even click. (I’m guessing it isn’t the battery though. I think it’s the starter. But that’s a different blog.) What to do? Warren was working out of town today. So I waited until he got back. We pushed it so we could jump start it.

Except it still wouldn’t start. For half an hour we tried. Mr. Stubborn will try again tomorrow. I, on the other hand, will work from home. Where it’s warm.

Really I appreciate him helping. And then waiting until I was ready to leave work to take me home. Now we wait and see who is right. Battery(him) or Starter (me)?

We are supposed to have -15 to -25 wind chills through tomorrow. Brrrrrrr

How are you staying warm?

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