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I love it when things work out!

I will have my grandson for a long weekend in June. That was already exciting because a friend has invited us to her family’s lake cottage. It’s a small quiet lake so it will be perfect for Soren. He will have a blast!

But tonight I was watching the White House Performance paying tribute to Carole King. Gloria Estefan, Trisha Yearwood, Billy Joel, James Taylor and, if course, Carole King. It was absolutely amazing. I so want to see James Taylor and Carole King in concert….someday.

Anyway, I rarely watch television so I guess I miss stuff. But this was on PBS. Just as it was going on to the next program there was an announcement about an upcoming Thomas the Train ride. Those things never coincide with Soren’s visits. But this one does. Yippee!!!

The train ride is only about a half hour long. But there are lots of activities before and after. Soren loves Thomas. He will be so excited. Right now, grandma is really excited about this. I looked at the Polar Express trip last year, but we couldn’t make it work with our schedules.

It will take us a couple of hours to get there. But so worth it. Just had to share. Can you tell I’m giddy?????

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