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As you may recall, I said that on Monday I would be updating my weight loss journey. I’m very happy to report that I lost another 2.2 pounds – that is a total of 7.2 pounds in two weeks!

I’m not gonna lie, it hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve stuck with it (mostly). And it paid off. Just so you know, I’m one of those really determined individuals – once I set my mind to something, nothing gets in my way. I honestly think spring/summer will get here eventually, and I plan to have less of me to show off once I shed the layers of clothes!

On another, very sad, note – my town had a missing 3 year old yesterday. It turns out, his body was in a field 12 miles from home. Mom (who is only 21) was arrested, along with her boyfriend and his young 16 year old friend. It sounds like he was in a meth home and got into the meth and it killed him and then the boyfriend and his friend dumped the body in a field. I am absolutely heartbroken. I wish people would wake up and understand that drug use is not good. This was a preventable tragedy and the little boy paid with his life.

Thanksgiving Project – Wisdom of Youth

I was at the United Way Worldwide conference this past week. (If you don’t know, I am the CEO of a local United Way). We were fortunate to hear so many wonderful speakers. The interesting thing
know that you have to inject humor into just about any speech to keep people listening, particularly if you are an after lunch speaker.
But I think the one that made the most impact with me was Maya Moore, WNBA standout and Olympian. She is a wise, gracious and very smart young lady. She talked about the influence her mother had in her life and how important it is that adults spend time just being present with children.
We (adults) tend to get wrapped up in the busyness of life and don’t take time to sit on the floor and read a book or pick dandelions with children. We need to just be present in a child’s life. I was reminded that again tonight when someone made a comment to me on his blog that he was sitting in the closet with his toddler. He did that because that was what he child wanted…not because it was the most comfortable place to be (read his <a href=””>blog here</a>).
Just a reminder how important the little things are in the eyes of a child. What are you doing today to unleash the potential of children? Are you being supportive? Maya Moore talked about tutoring young people online. Surely if she can do this, I can find the time to do something. It may not be tutoring, but I can certainly read to a child.
What a wise young lady. I hope I can grow up to be like her 😉 Thank you Maya for inspiring me. Thank you for giving of your time to help out a child.
This picture was a result of seeing her check into my hotel. When asked if she would care if we got a picture, she asked if she could check in first. I wasn’t sure she would bother to come back over to my friend and I. But she absolutely did…and smiled too! For the record she was leaning down, and I was wearing my platform shoes. She is a lot taller than me!


Thanksgiving Project – Dr. Seuss

We sponsored a “celebrity” story hour at the local library today. I was a bit nervous about it. We didn’t know what to expect. And because I haven’t been to any of the summer story hours, I was at a distinct disadvantage.

That’s me…I come up with all these grand ideas, but am never sure how to make them happen. Although somehow they always seem to come out okay. I’m lucky because I usually know the right people to make it happen.

Anyway, not having a clue today, we proceeded. And, it was a successful and fun morning. Lots of toddlers and early elementary age children with parents. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

We even had a special appearance by Blossom the Book Butterfly. We read five Dr. Seuss books. Those are definitely tongue twisters. But our readers were great sports. They interacted well with the children.

I was a little nervous about Soren since he really isn’t around other children much and I needed to take pictures and videos of the event. But it all worked out and he was well behaved.

Dr. Seuss would be proud. His books continue to delight old and young alike. Thank you for sharing yourself through your books. It makes it easy to want to read.


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