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Thanksgiving Project – Above and Beyond

Have you read Mark Sanborn’s book, The Fred Factor? If not, you should. Basically it is about that customer service that is beyond your wildest expectations.

I’m staying at the Music Road Hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The hotel has great amenities, including a balcony in every room. My balcony overlooks a river and I’m only on the 3rd floor so I can hear it running over the rocks. It is just so peaceful. Here is the view from my room…ahhhh


But, not only is the hotel comfortable, gorgeous and relaxing, they have mastered great customer service. Every single employee I have encountered has gone out of their way to engage their guests in a positive way. They are friendly. They are constantly asking what else they can do to make the guests’ stay even better.

I went back to my room this morning to get something, but my room key card wouldn’t work today. I’m pretty sure it is me. I have a terrible time with those key cards. I looked by the elevator and didn’t see a house phone, so I went back down to the front desk. The clerk was amazing. She immediately verified I was who I said I was and quickly gave me a new key card (which worked by the way). But she engaged with me as she was doing all of that. She said it was her fault because she wanted to personally see my beautiful smile. I wasn’t nasty or upset with her, but I know that my smile became even bigger!

I already loved this place, but their customer service have made me love it even more! I’m thankful today for businesses that make excellent customer service a priority at every level.

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