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Thanksgiving Project – Daddy

Another long day at the hospital. Dad had surgery at 9 am. Back in his room before 11. No pain or discomfort all day. He was able to get some almost normal food (cream of wheat and pudding). He had been able to do all the things he needed to do to be released. But his doctor didn’t release him until almost 6. So, lots of sitting and waiting.

So, the mass they saw on day’s kidney when they did the cat scan on Tuesday…they ordered an MRI in Wednesday and his doctor said they were looking to see if it was positioned so they could do a needle biopsy to check for cancer. Now, he has our attention. My dad is already a natural born worrier. And I was hoping he didn’t hear any of that. So now he was upset. Had a minor meltdown on Wednesday.

But the good news is, his doctor called me after I had left (and dad was asleep) the hospital for the night. He wanted to tell me that it was likely a fatty cyst and since he hadn’t had any symptoms, he didn’t think we needed to pursue anything. The urologist would still look at the film, but he would need to make a really compelling argument for any further tests. I should have driven the ten miles back to the hospital to tell my dad…but I didn’t. Wish I hadn’t been so selfish. When I got there this morning, he said he didn’t sleep all night. I gave him the news and he was so relieved.

Today, I’m thankful for my daddy. He is my beacon. I know someday I will likely have to live without him, but I just cannot imagine that.

I’m staying at his house tonight just in case. I expect an uneventful night though. And I’m looking forward to going home tomorrow and resting lots this weekend.

Hug the people you love today. Tell them you love them. Don’t wait…you don’t know how much time you have.

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