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I have decided that Mondays will be my day to report on my weight loss. Hopefully, I will still be thankful every week.

I have known I needed to do something – life has been stressful this past year and I have compensated with food. So the 25 pounds I needed to lose last year turned into 40 pounds this year. Several years ago I lost 65 pounds on Weight Watchers – and I looked fine 🙂  Last Monday I started back on Weight Watchers (I’m using a really old plan that worked well for me before).

I also have nearly given up Diet Pepsi. For those that really know me, you know this is huge. I started my day with Diet Pepsi and didn’t quit until the light was turned off at night. I won’t tell you how many cans I drank a day, but suffice it to say that it was A LOT! I’m down to one to start my day and then water the rest of the day (80-100 oz daily).

I’m happy to report that the first week resulted in a 5 pound weight loss. I know that it won’t stay at that level, but it feels good to know that now I only have 35 pounds to go! So, let’s see how much I can lose this week. I’m more interested that it is always a loss than in the amount. Little by little I will get back to my cute, tiny self!

So this week I’m very thankful that I started and that I lost five pounds!

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