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No, it isn’t Weight Loss Monday yet. But this was too good not to share today. I’ve been wearing a particular pair of jeans the last few months. And they fit, but when I initially put them on, they are snug. 

I put those jeans on today and they weren’t initially snug. But they were just sloppy feeling. Too big. So happy. So I’ve been trying on clothes. Losing weight opens up a lot of possibilities. 

Totally unrelated news. We got an offer on my dad’s house today. We have it listed for $89,000. They offered us $85,000 but I have to pay $3,000 of their closing costs because they are going FHA. So far, so good. But then they wanted a $3,300 stove/refrigerator allowance (there are no appliances with the house) AND a $4,000 allowance for a privacy fence. Uh, a privacy fence? I don’t think so. Anyway, I submitted a counteroffer agreeing to everything except the two allowances. They have until Tuesday at 6 pm. I hate waiting. 

I went to see my daughter and grandson yesterday. It was a really long drive and a really short visit. But still wonderful to see them. Plus the bonus was a visit with a really good friend/former board member who moved just west of Cleveland. In fact, I spent as much time catching up with him as I did with Andrea and Soren. It was a good day. 

Oh, and while I was driving I listened to The Vines by Christopher Rice. I will not be reviewing it because I hated it. It was well written but too weird for me. If I reviewed it, it would only be two stars. I hate to do that to an author when the real fault is that I just didn’t like the content. 

So what am I thankful for today? Lots. The offer on the house. My clothes fitting again. Seeing Andrea and Soren. Catching up with my friend, Kirk. I didn’t waste time reading a book I hated and it at least was something to listen to on the long drive. Spring us in the air. I need to get a pedicure tomorrow so I can put the boots away. 

Time to make a bowl of popcorn and settle in with a book. How was your day?

Nothing better

Really short tonight because my time is best spent with family. My daughter and grandson came home for the weekend. I haven’t seen my grandson since early fall. He has more energy than twenty adults. But tonight I’m more thankful than I ever dreamed was possible to spend time with him. Honestly though, I don’t know how my daughter, who is a single mother, manages. He is definitely on the energetic side. We are having a wonderful visit though. And we surprised my dad in the dining room tonight. He got to show off his great grandson and he was absolutely thrilled to see them.

I will leave you with some pictures of the world’s most adorable five year old.




The Rockin’ Chair Review

This is one of those books I was sure I would hate…or just quit reading entirely. But I was immediately drawn into the lives of the McCarthy family. A broken family, each of them with their own very deep problems. Grampa John, the family’s patriarch was on a mission to heal his family. One by one he dealt with each of his grandchildren. He left the relationship with his own son to the end. It was a poignant saga about a man who loses his soulmate. The book explores their memories and weaves in his deep faith in God.

It was a heart-warming story that restores your faith in family and humankind. I found myself cheering for the successes, crying for the struggles and smiling at Grampa John and his love and his methods.

I really recommend this book. I downloaded this book for free as a promotion from Amazon, but I’m going to look into other books by Steven Manchester. I gave this book four out of five stars.

Debbie Downer

Holidays are the loneliest days of the year for me. I’m not telling you this for sympathy or so you will try and cheer me up. Just a statement.

But I’ve analyzed it this year and think I finally know why. I think there is a lot of pressure (no, that’s not quite the right word) to experience the family experience we see on tv and movies. My family is not at all at fault. No, it is me.

I want that perfect family experience. Yet, I’m not capable of being that perfect family. I have more fun with friends than I do my family. I feel like a misfit a lot. My sister and I could not be more opposite. We have absolutely nothing in common. I find her children to be strangers (probably because I don’t see them much). My dad is my world but he is such an introvert that anything beyond a two minute conversation is unusual.

Christmas Eve is typically spent at church but I didn’t feel up to going this year. Christmas dinner will involve going to my sister’s house. My dad is physically unable to come to my house so this is the only option. I’m not comfortable at her house. Plus she will have invited who knows who else. I’m enough if an introvert that I really don’t need to share my day with people I don’t know or don’t like. I would rather sit in a corner and read.

I won’t see my daughter and grandson until after the new year. So it will be a quiet day. I will be ready for it all to be over. I’m not a Scrooge. I love bring surrounded by children on Christmas. But I have none around anymore.

Silent Night is my favorite Christmas carol. I think it is very fitting.

Thanksgiving Project – New Book and an Old Folks Tour

I got home to see there was a package from Amazon. Hmmm, I couldn’t remember ordering anything. I opened it and it was a paperback book, 7 F Words. No, not that F word. The words are Focus, Faith, Freedom, Family, Finance! Fitness, Fun. Okay, I’m intrigued. Then I saw the note. It was from a friend of mine. Evidently she knows one of the authors and thought I might enjoy the book. I don’t read a lot of that kind of book, but, hey, I might learn something, right?

Then I went on my Old Folks Tour tonight. Stopped to see my uncle in rehab. He is doing quite well. My cousin and her husband were there too, but they were not the old folks I was referring to. 😉

Then off to see my dad. He never really has much to say. He’s always been a man of few words. Tonight was no exception. I think that’s why I talk so much. I always feel the need to fill the silence around him.

So, now I’ve done my visiting and tomorrow is all about me! Warren will be gone for the day. I’m taking a Tylenol PM in hopes I will be able to sleep past 5. I want to finish the book I’m reading and start another. I don’t plan to go anywhere though. Just the quiet….ahhhhhh.

One thing I am not thankful for today is this sinus headache. I had hoped it would be gone since the rain moved on. But surely by tomorrow.

So I’m thankful for my upcoming alone day. Thankful I got to see family tonight so I don’t feel guilty ignoring everyone tomorrow. Thankful that a friend thought enough of me to send me a book.

Thanksgiving Project – Rain, Rain

Halloween will be a wet one for all the kids around here. Fortunately, our town has Boo in Bluffton in the City Gym. Nice and dry there.

It has rained fairly hard all day long. Actually, it started in the night. So, I decided to grab a quick lunch and go down to our River Greenway to sit in my car. I intended to read, but instead reclined my seat and listened to the rain falling on the roof of my van. So peaceful. And now I’m listening to it rain outside. It is a hard downpour now. But we needed some rain (all the leaves are off the trees now it seems). Now if it just keeps it up until time for me to go to bed. That should lull me right to sleep.

The other thing I’m thankful for today is my cousin. I’ve mentioned before that I have about 45 cousins on my mom’s side of the family. Now keep in mind that my parents were married 55 years and my dad left his family in Ohio to be a part of her family. Since my mom died a little over 19 months ago, my dad has been visited by my mom’s brother, my uncle Max. And my cousin Margie. That’s it. No one else. Dad can’t exactly run around visiting anyone himself and they all know that. I ran into a cousin the other day who said, “I really should go see your dad”. I replied with “yes, you should. Everyone says they should and none of you do it. It is shameful.” I’ve decided that I might as well speak my mind. And I know they would all show up at the funeral home. That doesn’t really do a thing for people. And when the time comes, I guarantee you that I will speak up. If that’s at the funeral home and I get ex-communicated from the family, so be it.

Okay, I got a little off track. So, I was talking about what I’m thankful for. I’m thankful that my cousin, Jenny, who is here to see my uncle Max (her dad) made an extra effort to go see my dad at breakfast this week. When my dad told me, it made me cry. It is nice to know that not everyone is so self absorbed.

So, I’m thankful for caring family. I’m thankful for all this rain. I’m thankful to be home. I’m thankful tomorrow is Friday.

What are especially thankful for today? Is there an older family member (or neighbor or friend’s parents) you should take a few minutes to go visit? Really. Make someone’s day. Go out of your way to show a small kindness. You will be blessed and they will feel special.

Thanksgiving Project – The Family Guy

Today was a busy day at work, but a great day. Then home to spend time with the tiny tornado and a visit from one of my cousins.

I’m so surprised by how good Warren is with Soren. Warren is a different kind of guy. He and I couldn’t be any more different. He has never been much of a family guy. We have been together for nearly 17 years…his kids and Grandkids all live two hours from here…and I wouldn’t know any of them if I ran into them on the street. I’ve met all his kids, some only once…but some of his grandchildren I’ve never met. He visits them once or twice a month though. But I’m never invited along…his kids invite me, he just doesn’t take me. Actually, one of his grandsons is having his graduation open house on Sunday. We talked about going, but I doubt I will actually go when it comes right down to it.

So, he just looks at family different than I do. I wasn’t so sure how he would be with Soren. I was amazed the first time I babysat when Soren was two. Those two guys had a blast. And now that Soren is almost four, it is even more evident. Soren idolizes him. And Warren plays with him as much as I do.

Soren calls him The Warren, which I think is so cute. But sometimes he calls me The Grandma too. I just love this little guy. He makes me smile. We will sure miss him when he goes home.

So today I’m so very thankful that Soren has an adult male in his life (he has no grandfathers and his father is not really around much). My dad is not able to do things with Soren either. Plus Warren is a huge help to me when Soren is here.

Thanksgiving Project – May Showers bring June Bugs?

It has been an unusual month weather wise here. This weekend it turned cool again, leaving the question in so many people’s minds of where was summer. Only about 59 degrees today, and raining.

I am enjoying the quiet inside right now. Soren is out in the barn with Warren and it has been raining too hard to get back to the house.

Well, I spoke too soon. They made it back. Now Warren is working with him on riding his bike. Soren just can’t get the hang of pedaling. He will go a few feet, then he brakes. Not intentionally, but it still happens. His mom has been working with him and she told me she just didn’t think he would ever figure it out. So, that is our mission this week

We have been spending time with family today. It was my niece’s graduation open house. My day’s brother drove over from Toledo. It was nice to see him. And then we went to see my oldest living uncle (my mom’s brother). His daughter, my cousin Jenny, is here visiting from Las Vegas. I love that I’m able to stay in touch with my rather large family through Facebook.

Okay, now back to some quiet time. I fell asleep reading last night. I think I read one whole page. So enough writing, time for some reading while I can. I’ve really missed my reading time this weekend.

So, what am most thankful for today? Hard to narrow it down. But I think one word sums it all up – family! It for sure isn’t the weather. I think that this rain will bring out the already large population of Mosquitos. Luckily they don’t seem to be attracted to me, but I know they are bothersome to lots of other people. April showers didn’t bring the may flowers so much. But I’m sure that the may showers will bring out the bugs in June.

Thanksgiving Project – We Are Family

How appropriate for Mother’s Day.

I come from a very large family. My mom was the next to youngest of eleven children. That’s a lot of siblings!

Then add in all their children and you have an entire town! Actually, I added up all my cousins from my mom’s side and my day’s side together and there were over 50!

I barely know any of my paternal cousins. But my maternal cousins all grew up around here. I always put us in three groups – the old ones (some my mom’s age), the middle group (which I was a part of), and the young ones.

Funny story though, my cousin came for a visit from New Mexico a couple of years ago. I always had him in the “old” group. He is less than five years older than me!

We have been scattered by time and only one aunt (the baby of the family) and one uncle are still with us. Funerals have become a sort of reunion for us the past few years. I have cousins in New Mexico, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Michigan, North (or is it South?) Carolina, Tennessee, and, of course, Indiana. And probably states I haven’t mentioned.

My cousin, Jeff, was here for a visit to his dad who is 86. And his younger sister, Jenny, will be here at the end of the month. I tried to arrange a mini reunion, but I only had a little over an hour’s notice. But two other cousins were able to make it.

We had a blast catching up. Facebook has certainly made it easier to stay in touch so there isn’t the awkward ‘what do you say’ time. We just jumped right in.

I’m so thankful for my large family. I haven’t always felt like that though. I lost touch with just about everyone. So glad I’ve been able to reconnect.

Side note: other than one spouse, all of the cousins and their spouses are still alive. I like those odds. Youngest is now 35, oldest is 76.


Thanksgiving Project – Word Press Family Award

First, let me say, I’m honored to have been nominated for this award by Ionia. She is one of the first blogs I followed. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with her. I love connecting with people, whether I know them in real life or not. She is a joy. Thank you, Ionia, for thinking of me. And, more importantly, for your friendship.

What I especially love about this Award, is that I don’t have to answer a bunch of questions. I get uncomfortable about that – not that I’m shy, or even that private. I just would rather connect and learn about people informally.

Award Description:
“This is an award for everyone who is part of the “Word Press Family” I start this award on the basis that the WordPress family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only WordPress can. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before. This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award.” from Shaun @

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your wordpress experience and family
4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as a friend, and spread the love.


Here is the hard part. I haven’t connected with all that many people yet so I don’t have ten nominations. But here are a few that I am starting to connect with. Charles Yallowitz has a great sense of humor Bradley is documenting his daily commitment to a healthier life and has even created the Rome Construction Crew. Check it out Kira is using her blog to augment therapy and her addiction struggles. I didn’t know I liked poetry until I read some of her poetry.

Okay, that’s it. But with a short list, you should be able to take time to visit each of these people. And don’t forget Ionia!

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