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Finally somewhere warmer. But it wasn’t without its hiccups.

First my seat assignment was nullified when a different plane was brought in and used. Had I known that, I would have paid the extra for priority boarding. Airlines charge for everything these days. This airline, Allegiant, charges for not just checked bags, but also carry on bags. I figured if I was paying, I might as well pay a few more dollars to check my bag.

I swore the last time I used this airline I would never do it again. But the low prices are compelling. Plus it is the only airline that is halfway reasonable out of Fort Wayne. Otherwise, I have to drive to Indianapolis and pay to park. But I love flying Southwest.

Anyway, flight left on time and I’m finally somewhere warmer than Indiana. I’m thankful for friends to stay with. Thankful I have friends in warm places. Thankful for a change of scenery. Thankful my new seat mates didn’t hog my armrest or sneeze on me or touch me. But I have to say, flying isn’t fun. It’s an ordeal. But until teleportation is around, I’m stuck with it.

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