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Ever notice that if you clean one closet, it messes up somewhere else? And there is no such thing as one project?

Today was my day to get just one project done. Well, I finished it and started another one. Next thing I knew it was dinner time and the kitchen was a disaster from cleaning out a closet. Closet still not done. But it is a lot closer. And the kitchen is cleaned back up.

I didn’t turn on football until the last two minutes of regulation in the Seattle/ Green Bay game. But what a time to start watching. Now I’m watching the Colts/Patriots. Poor Warren keeps wondering if football season will ever be over. I keep telling him soon. Just not soon enough for him.

I’m not thankful the season is nearly over. But I’m thankful for the time on Sundays it will open up for me.

Thanksgiving Project – Not Football

This is the time of year I become either great to be around, or a real witch. Warren becomes a football widower. And we had our season opener today.

It was miserable. Since I don’t live anywhere near Pittsburgh, I have to leave home to watch my team play. So, there I sat watching a miserable game. Injuries abounded with two most likely for the season. The offensive was horrible. I still say Todd Haley can go back to Kansas. Oh wait, they didn’t want him either and fired him. Defense can’t win a game. And they have to be exhausted. It’s gonna be a very long season.

The good news is, I ordered a buffalo chicken flatbread pizza without celery. Kitchen screwed up and put celery on it. When it was finally delivered by the manager, he told me how sorry he was and that it was at no charge. So, at least it didn’t cost me much to be miserable.

Oh, and I found a gorgeous laptop sleeve that I must have. It combines two of my favorite things – sunflowers and butterflies. Trouble is, I can’t find it anywhere in the US and I swore I wouldn’t order from Hong Kong again. But look, isn’t it beautiful?

I’m still looking though. My birthday is coming soon. Anybody want to get it for me? LOL!

Thanksgiving Project – Day 4, Part 2

We had club seats for the Tampa Bay Storm arena football game tonight. I love just about any sport, but football is by far my favorite. But calling arena football REAL football is a stretch. I’ve watched it on television, but never in person.

But they made it a fun event. We had special tickets giving us unlimited food (hamburgers, hotdogs, French fries, potato salad and cole slaw, and warm chocolate chip cookies) and unlimited beer, wine, and soda. I did good on the food. I had one hamburger and 12 French fries and a diet Coke. I really hadn’t eaten much during the day either. I’m still determined to stick with this.

Anyway, the game was fun. And the Storm won!

Plus since it was May 4, it was Star Wars night. We saw all the Star Wars characters throughout. I could ever get a picture of C3PO and didn’t see R2D2 at all. But Darth Vader was there (complete with sound effects).


And it wouldn’t be complete without Storm Troopers


But my favorite was Chewbacca. He had fun with me. First he patted me on the head, then he mussed up my hair, then he got a little serious for my photo opp





There was even a bit of a parade of them all


And salsa music on the plaza beforehand. Just a fun, fun night. It was a good vacation day.

May the Fourth be with You!

Thanksgiving Project – Beach Day (4)


I got up this morning full of anticipation for a day outdoors. The sky was very cloudy and it was drizzly. My heart sank. But I was determined that it wasn’t going to get me down.

We went ahead to the outdoor Saturday morning market which was lovely. Lots of people milling about looking at the various vendor wares and grabbing some delicious looking pastries (I did not indulge). Breezy but there were less clouds.

So we headed to the beach at Treasure Island. Got a great parking spot, grabbed our towels, beach chairs and my Nook. Finally, got my toes in the sand


After about an hour the sky got very dark and we could see it raining out over the water far away. I was so hoping it wouldn’t come to land.


But it wasn’t long before the wind picked up and brought more clouds with it. We were feeling like we were being sandblasted. Not sure if I’m red from the sun or the wind. But the beach emptied pretty quickly (and us with it).

Home now getting ready for tonight’s adventure – Arena football. I dearly love football and have never really cared for arena football. But Tampa has the championship team from last year so we are going to watch the Tamar Bay Storm play the New Orleans Voodoo. Concert before the game (band unknown, but I love all music) and plenty of tailgating food, and drinks! Plus I’m wearing a new sundress that I feel fabulous in 😀

Lots to be thankful for today
It skirted us. So glad because I really wanted the sun. The sun returned.


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