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The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes Review
I thought I was going to read a light romance when I started this book. Instead I read what I would call a historical fiction book. Amazon shows this to be historical romance. Either way, it was a very good book.

The book had two stories that were dependent on each other. While it may have been a touch predictable, it certainly was still riveting. I was drawn into the life of Sophie. I wanted to hold her hand and tell her it would be okay.

Liv was a very different character. But her story was also quite engaging.

I fell in love with these women and their lives. They were both strong, determined and optimistic in their own way.

The only thing about the book I struggled with was the transition into Part a Two. I thought it seemed slow and uninteresting. That lasted less than a chapter though.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical novels. Five out of five stars.

Beacon of Vengeance by Patrick O’Bryon Review

This is the second installment in a trilogy by Patrick O’Bryon. I read Corridor of Darkness (book one in the trilogy) a few months ago and fell in love with it. Beacon of Vengeance is again set in Nazi Germany (and France) with¬†enough history to satisfy, but plenty of intrigue as well. ¬†Ryan Lemmon, an American college professor turned spy, returns to find that his friends and his son need him to help them. One tragedy after another provide the twists and turns necessary to keep the reader engaged. We also get more in-depth with the characters and meet some new ones.

I loved this book and give it a firm five out of five stars. I’m anxiously awaiting the final installment in the trilogy. In fact, truth be told that is my only complaint about this book – the cliff hanger at the end that we must wait to see what happens in Fulcrum of Malice.

Read Corridor of Darkness first in order to get the full understanding of the story (although the books are written in a way that they could be read without reading them all). But definitely read Patrick O’Bryon.

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