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No, it isn’t Weight Loss Monday yet. But this was too good not to share today. I’ve been wearing a particular pair of jeans the last few months. And they fit, but when I initially put them on, they are snug. 

I put those jeans on today and they weren’t initially snug. But they were just sloppy feeling. Too big. So happy. So I’ve been trying on clothes. Losing weight opens up a lot of possibilities. 

Totally unrelated news. We got an offer on my dad’s house today. We have it listed for $89,000. They offered us $85,000 but I have to pay $3,000 of their closing costs because they are going FHA. So far, so good. But then they wanted a $3,300 stove/refrigerator allowance (there are no appliances with the house) AND a $4,000 allowance for a privacy fence. Uh, a privacy fence? I don’t think so. Anyway, I submitted a counteroffer agreeing to everything except the two allowances. They have until Tuesday at 6 pm. I hate waiting. 

I went to see my daughter and grandson yesterday. It was a really long drive and a really short visit. But still wonderful to see them. Plus the bonus was a visit with a really good friend/former board member who moved just west of Cleveland. In fact, I spent as much time catching up with him as I did with Andrea and Soren. It was a good day. 

Oh, and while I was driving I listened to The Vines by Christopher Rice. I will not be reviewing it because I hated it. It was well written but too weird for me. If I reviewed it, it would only be two stars. I hate to do that to an author when the real fault is that I just didn’t like the content. 

So what am I thankful for today? Lots. The offer on the house. My clothes fitting again. Seeing Andrea and Soren. Catching up with my friend, Kirk. I didn’t waste time reading a book I hated and it at least was something to listen to on the long drive. Spring us in the air. I need to get a pedicure tomorrow so I can put the boots away. 

Time to make a bowl of popcorn and settle in with a book. How was your day?


Writers and authors are the best. I had the biggest smile on my face when I got the mail yesterday.

I’m so grateful to have made friends with so many of you.

P.S. If you haven’t read Not Without My Father, buy it today. You won’t be sorry.

My Day

This may be a really boring post tonight. But let me tell you about my day.

First of all, I had to clean the house. Since I lost my cleaning lady, I decided that I could save some money by just cleaning myself. I used to really enjoy cleaning. Not so much anymore. But I did it and got it done in less than 3 hours. And as good a job as my cleaning lady did, I think it is cleaner. I’m a bit of a clean freak so it never really is dirty, but I paid close attention to getting it really clean. And I just love a clean house.

Then off to see dad. We had a nice chat. He is still unhappy about them transferring his favorite aide, but I think he is finally adjusting. Tomorrow I am drafting a letter to the administrator of the nursing home to express my displeasure for their total disregard of their patients. Dad and another man went to see the director of nursing on Friday and she was patronizing to them and totally ignored everything they had to say. I’ve never met this woman, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like her.

Off then to get dad’s oil changed. We are trying to sell his ramp van and he didn’t want me to get the oil changed. But it needed to be changed and he will never know. LOL

Grocery store was my next stop – ugh! But now I have something to eat again. It has been an adjustment since we used to eat out nearly every night and now I’m eating at home.

Next was to finish up my book cover and get everything uploaded. Of course I was having issues with the formatting. But, thanks to a friend, it is now perfect and I didn’t pull out too much hair. And my book cover was giving me all kinds of fits too. But a really good friend didn’t just help, she called me and talked me through it. I’m happy with it finally. I’m still hoping that I can have everything ready to go by 2/1. That’s a few days past my goal publication date, but I would rather it was done correctly and late than wrong and on time.

So much to be thankful for today – a clean house, good visit with dad, food to eat, friends willing to help out on my book. And now, I’m off to finish up a good book and write a couple of reviews.

Night out

I would love to have a follow up on my dad and his “girlfriend” from yesterday’s story. But I don’t. I took the night off and had dinner with a friend/colleague. We only live an hour and a half from each other, yet our jobs and elderly parents keep us hopping. She just moved her 95 year old mother into an assisted living facility nearby from out of state. Plus she has an older sister who is not expected to live more than another month or two (cancer and, again, out of state).

But I’m thankful we made time tonight.

Just a quick update from my emergency room visit in December. Had a visit with my primary care physician today. She is pretty sure it wasn’t heart related either. But to be on the safe side she wants me to go in for a stress test. That is scheduled for the end of the month. I have a feeling I will use all 12 of my sick days this year. Between needing time for my own health needs, dad needs to be taken in for some extensive dental work. God forbid I would actually get sick and need to be off work.


Finally somewhere warmer. But it wasn’t without its hiccups.

First my seat assignment was nullified when a different plane was brought in and used. Had I known that, I would have paid the extra for priority boarding. Airlines charge for everything these days. This airline, Allegiant, charges for not just checked bags, but also carry on bags. I figured if I was paying, I might as well pay a few more dollars to check my bag.

I swore the last time I used this airline I would never do it again. But the low prices are compelling. Plus it is the only airline that is halfway reasonable out of Fort Wayne. Otherwise, I have to drive to Indianapolis and pay to park. But I love flying Southwest.

Anyway, flight left on time and I’m finally somewhere warmer than Indiana. I’m thankful for friends to stay with. Thankful I have friends in warm places. Thankful for a change of scenery. Thankful my new seat mates didn’t hog my armrest or sneeze on me or touch me. But I have to say, flying isn’t fun. It’s an ordeal. But until teleportation is around, I’m stuck with it.

Merry Christmas to One and All

I started my Thanksgiving Project blog just over a year ago. I truly am thankful for so many everyday things in my life.

But today I am thankful mostly for my WP friends. Some of you have become near and dear to my heart. I wish only the best for you. I wish happiness, love, friendships, and gratitude. I love what you have taught me. I love how you have opened yourself up to me. I love how you have accepted me. I love you.

Merry Christmas to all of you as you celebrate with your family and friends. Some of you will celebrate while I’m still in bed. Others will celebrate after I do. But have a great day. Remember why we celebrate.

Thanksgiving Project – Walking in the Rain

So tonight was my walking group. I’m not sure why I am even doing this. But it sounded fun and I had girlfriends doing it.

Now I have short little legs, but they move. I naturally walk fast…faster than most people. It makes it difficult for me to really walk WITH someone else. But I was determined to make this work. Last week I wanted to walk and talk with someone I don’t know that well, but we vacationed together in January and she is loads of fun. I hadn’t seen her for awhile so I wanted to catch up.

She tried to keep up…and she did pretty well for the first mile…then I lost her. So, tonight she told me to go on ahead of her. We were at the back of the group and I took off. Before I knew it, I had passed everyone. Then I couldn’t even see them behind me.

It was a lonely walk. I should have brought earbuds so I would at least have music. I will do that next week though. Then the last half mile one of my best friends who had one with the more advanced group (and part time runners) joined me. That was nice. But even she had to nearly jog to keep up at times.

But I discovered a huge bonus in walking fast….the rain started just as I got in my car. It was pouring buckets. My girlfriend was riding her bike home and said it rained so hard it hurt. But all those other women must have gotten drenched. So, my trade off for walking alone was that I was done before the rain. Lucky me!

I’m thankful today that I am always a fast walker…and dry.

Thanksgiving Project – MS

Today I’m really really really thankful that I have MS. Well, not so much that I have it, but that I have it instead of all the other autoimmune diseases that I could have had. I hate having MS. I hate having to get a shot every week. I am grateful though, that after all these years of getting my shot and having it hurt, that I have reconnected with my friend Suzi.

Suzi gives the best shots. You know, the kind that you get and are waiting to feel the needle and find out it is all done. Plus, it means that at least once a week she and I get to see each other if only for a few minutes.

I still hate having MS. I still hate getting a needle I my butt once a week. But I’m thankful I have such a good friend who is also an awesome nurse and shot giver.


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