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Isn’t he adorable?

This was taken at Andrea’s event last Thursday in Pittsburgh. She got him the dashiki this summer.

Thanksgiving Project – Unplugged, Sorta

I had planned to take Soren and spend at the lake with my girlfriend. We actually did that, but I had such a weak cell signal, that I was mostly unplugged. Of course, I kept trying and checking. It was most frustrating. But I’m back among the Internet world again.

We did have fun. Soren loved “driving” the pontoon with assorted other drivers.


Then there was the paddle boat


It rained…hard…just as he was getting ready for a swim yesterday. But he still had loads of fun. I think the most fun he had though was when his mommy got back to pick him up.

And now I’m home, all caught up on WP, ready to relax. Thankful for my few days with my little man. Thankful to be back with you, my friends. I’ve missed you.

Thanksgiving Project – Making Memories

What a day we had. First Soren went to the office with me. That really didn’t work out so good. But then we had lunch with a couple of my friends. One was a preschool teacher so she played games with him, got finger puppets out, and sang songs. He loved that.

Then our two hour drive to the Thomas the Train Ride. Luckily he fell asleep. First thing we did was get our picture taken with Thomas. I know it is a ripoff to buy those pictures, but I’m a grandma and I really wanted the pictures.

I don’t have one yet of us with Thomas.
Then off to to the train play area. The children were fine. But there were some parents that were rude and bullies. As Soren was playing, one dad was determined that his kid have the train Soren was playing with. He ended up pushing against Soren and knocking him down. I lost it. In a controlled way since I didn’t want Soren to hear me. And we left the area. No wonder some kids are bullies.

Anyway, then Soren got to meet Sir Topham Hatt. I think that excited him as much as anything.


Then off to board the train. The kids helped yell All Aboard! Then the train ride. I thought that was a little anti-climatic myself. But Soren enjoyed it.


After the big train ride, Soren wanted to ride this little train. He loved it and it lasted quite a few minutes.

Today, we not only had fun, but we made memories. It is so hard when I don’t get to see him much. But I’m thankful for the fun times we do have.

P.S. Now I’m off to bed. I’m exhausted and tomorrow is the lake.

My Day Wouldn’t Be Complete

My day wouldn’t be complete without a couple of pictures. When I picked him up from my sister’s house where my nieces had been babysitting, he was very wound up. So much energy. Of course, I was tired from a crazy day at work. But he gathered assorted trucks and cars and still raced them…and crashed them…and tried to carry things around with the crane.




Tomorrow is our Thomas Train Ride. I didn’t think he would quit talking about that tonight. But he finally went to sleep. There will be pictures I’m sure.

Thanksgiving Project – Extra Special Visitor

Warning – there will be pictures all weekend of my adorable grandson. I know I’m biased, but he really is cute!

I met my daughter about an hour away today. She is heading to a festival in Kalamazoo to set up a booth to sell her clothes and I get to babysit. Yay! I think I got the best end of that bargain.

We have a super busy weekend planned. Tomorrow my nieces are babysitting while I work and they are taking him to the library where Clifford the Big Red Dog will be. I hope they take pictures. Then Friday he is off to work with me, lunch with my friends and then a Thomas the Train Ride. Saturday we are going to a girlfriend’s lake cottage and staying until his mom gets back to pick him up. Whew! Just writing all that makes me tired.

Tonight we played with cars and trucks on the floor. If that wasn’t a challenge. My knees were mad at me. Funny, I don’t remember actually getting on the floor and playing when my daughter was little. I was a busy mom so I’m trying to redeem myself by doing all those things with Soren.


Too bad that crane wasn’t big enough to help me off the floor.

Today, I’m thankful a friend gave me all those trucks and cars so I would have them for his visits. And I’m really thankful that my adorable grandson could come for a visit.



I love it when things work out!

I will have my grandson for a long weekend in June. That was already exciting because a friend has invited us to her family’s lake cottage. It’s a small quiet lake so it will be perfect for Soren. He will have a blast!

But tonight I was watching the White House Performance paying tribute to Carole King. Gloria Estefan, Trisha Yearwood, Billy Joel, James Taylor and, if course, Carole King. It was absolutely amazing. I so want to see James Taylor and Carole King in concert….someday.

Anyway, I rarely watch television so I guess I miss stuff. But this was on PBS. Just as it was going on to the next program there was an announcement about an upcoming Thomas the Train ride. Those things never coincide with Soren’s visits. But this one does. Yippee!!!

The train ride is only about a half hour long. But there are lots of activities before and after. Soren loves Thomas. He will be so excited. Right now, grandma is really excited about this. I looked at the Polar Express trip last year, but we couldn’t make it work with our schedules.

It will take us a couple of hours to get there. But so worth it. Just had to share. Can you tell I’m giddy?????

Thanksgiving Project – Long Short Week

I love Holiday weeks. But it means cramming the same amount of work into fewer hours. What it really means is staying on task. It also means staying away from WordPress and Facebook and Twitter. I feel so out of touch with everyone.

But it was a very productive week. Good things got accomplished.

Soren has worn me out in the evenings though. I haven’t had any reading time (and that keeps my life in balance). But, of course, I wouldn’t trade my time with him for anything. We have been busy making memories. My books will be there this weekend.

Off tomorrow to take him home. That will be a long, tiring day. It will be a minimum of 9 hours driving. But I will try and at least listen to an audio book after I drop him off.

Today I’m most thankful for staying focused on some worthwhile projects. I’m thankful for my grandson time. And I’m thankful I’m taking him home tomorrow.

He loved his time outside sitting on tractors, pushing around his bubble mower and even time in my office this morning reading.



By the way, I plan to do zip this weekend. Eat, sleep and read…and not necessarily in that order

Thanksgiving Project – The Family Guy

Today was a busy day at work, but a great day. Then home to spend time with the tiny tornado and a visit from one of my cousins.

I’m so surprised by how good Warren is with Soren. Warren is a different kind of guy. He and I couldn’t be any more different. He has never been much of a family guy. We have been together for nearly 17 years…his kids and Grandkids all live two hours from here…and I wouldn’t know any of them if I ran into them on the street. I’ve met all his kids, some only once…but some of his grandchildren I’ve never met. He visits them once or twice a month though. But I’m never invited along…his kids invite me, he just doesn’t take me. Actually, one of his grandsons is having his graduation open house on Sunday. We talked about going, but I doubt I will actually go when it comes right down to it.

So, he just looks at family different than I do. I wasn’t so sure how he would be with Soren. I was amazed the first time I babysat when Soren was two. Those two guys had a blast. And now that Soren is almost four, it is even more evident. Soren idolizes him. And Warren plays with him as much as I do.

Soren calls him The Warren, which I think is so cute. But sometimes he calls me The Grandma too. I just love this little guy. He makes me smile. We will sure miss him when he goes home.

So today I’m so very thankful that Soren has an adult male in his life (he has no grandfathers and his father is not really around much). My dad is not able to do things with Soren either. Plus Warren is a huge help to me when Soren is here.

Thanksgiving Project – Book Club

Our book club is poorly named.

I knew my friend Catherine went to a book club every week so I thought it would be fun. I had met one of the other women and liked her. So timidly I asked if I could join in. “Of course!”, they said. We actually picked a book to read. And the next week, over dinner and wine, we talked about it…for about five minutes. Then we decided to read another book. But we didn’t all read it at the same time. And I’m pretty sure we didn’t talk about it.

That was well over a year ago. The lady who hosts book club and I have become best friends. We have traveled together…we go to concerts, theatre, fashion shows. And every week we have book club. Even when we don’t have book club, she and I still have dinner and wine at her house weekly. Her husband is the cook normally. But sometimes I take dinner.

Well, we haven’t had book club for three weeks because Holly (my BFF) has been taking a class. And then tonight, I didn’t think I could go since I still have Soren. So, I invited them here. I made awesome spaghetti with meat sauce. And, if course, had a couple of bottles of wine. And, surprise, we talked about a book. Our small town is home to a man who is former CIA and I’m friends with his wife. He wrote a book, Harbor Knight. Holly had gone to his talk and book signing so she brought the book along. I downloaded the book and the Catherine downloaded it too. So, we are back to being a book club…kinda.

I’m thankful my friends came to dinner. And Holly and her husband brought Soren an awesome birthday present…a bubble mower. It was a big hit with the tiny tornado. I think he ran 10 miles around the yard tonight. And he doesn’t even know about the bubbles yet.

Soren had a big day. I took him to a babysitter so I could go to work today. He went to a farm (remember he lives in Cleveland) and was fascinated by the horses. He rode the Gator with his new friend Brendan and he played with matchbox cars. Then when he got home, he got to ride the tractor with Warren. He just loves all that. Poor little guy is worn out tonight.

An Adult Book

I have read Curious George, Llama Llama books, and blogs. I have straightened up the house and put away most of the toys the tiny tornado left out. I have done laundry. I have finally taken time to sit down and rest.

Now, it’s time to read an adult book…no, not that kind of adult book…but definitely a boom without more pictures than words.

But I doubt I get much reading done before I start nodding off to sleep. This grandma business is hard work…I’m worn out. But I’m not complaining. I don’t get to do it very often.

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