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Thanksgiving Project – I’m so Excited…and I just can’t hide it

Usually I am posting about the past…what happened earlier in the day. But tonight I’m breaking with that a little. I’m still thankful, but I’m thankful for what is to come…the anticipation.

Tomorrow will be a long and very tiring day for me. In fact, I will be having a lot of long days for the next week. I’m not starting particularly early. But I’m driving nearly four hours away and having lunch with one of my favorite people in the world. He is a former board member of mine and has always been not only a great supporter of mine, but the best sounding board I could ever ask for. He moved to Ohio after he retired a few years ago. We stay in touch (I’m so thankful for email and texting) and I have been able to see him at least once a year. Plus the occasional phone call. He picks me up when I’m down and he cheers me on when things are going great. And he ever so gently kicks me in the backside when I need it (fortunately that is rare). I’m so looking forward to my time with him tomorrow.

But that is just the first stop in tomorrow’s road trip. Next stop is my favorite daughter and beloved grandson. I am picking him up to come spend the week with grandma. I haven’t seen him in awhile. It is hard to be so far away. He was drawing a picture the other day and insisted it was grandma. Andrea sent me a picture before it got erased.

I’m sure you are using your imagination to try and figure it out, but it actually looks like me 🙂

They change so fast at this age. I’m anxious to see all the changes. And, he got glasses. I hate that he is so young, but he got it honestly. My dad had glasses when he was 4, so did I. And his mom has bad eyes. But, seriously, could he get any cuter???


All in all, it will end up being about a 13 or 14 hour day of traveling. But my reward will be snuggles and hugs and kisses. I love tucking him in bed at night and reading a story to him. I will be worn out and probably won’t have time to read anything for myself. But those are things I’m willing to give up for a week.

I’m thankful for the anticipation…for the time I will have with him.

Oh, just one more picture of the world’s cutest grandson.


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