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Night out

I would love to have a follow up on my dad and his “girlfriend” from yesterday’s story. But I don’t. I took the night off and had dinner with a friend/colleague. We only live an hour and a half from each other, yet our jobs and elderly parents keep us hopping. She just moved her 95 year old mother into an assisted living facility nearby from out of state. Plus she has an older sister who is not expected to live more than another month or two (cancer and, again, out of state).

But I’m thankful we made time tonight.

Just a quick update from my emergency room visit in December. Had a visit with my primary care physician today. She is pretty sure it wasn’t heart related either. But to be on the safe side she wants me to go in for a stress test. That is scheduled for the end of the month. I have a feeling I will use all 12 of my sick days this year. Between needing time for my own health needs, dad needs to be taken in for some extensive dental work. God forbid I would actually get sick and need to be off work.

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