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Thanksgiving Project – Unplugged, Sorta

I had planned to take Soren and spend at the lake with my girlfriend. We actually did that, but I had such a weak cell signal, that I was mostly unplugged. Of course, I kept trying and checking. It was most frustrating. But I’m back among the Internet world again.

We did have fun. Soren loved “driving” the pontoon with assorted other drivers.


Then there was the paddle boat


It rained…hard…just as he was getting ready for a swim yesterday. But he still had loads of fun. I think the most fun he had though was when his mommy got back to pick him up.

And now I’m home, all caught up on WP, ready to relax. Thankful for my few days with my little man. Thankful to be back with you, my friends. I’ve missed you.

Thanksgiving Project – Cyber News

It is hard to think about what I am thankful for today in the wake of such tragedy. I don’t want to be trite and say I’m thankful that I still have my daughter and my grandson. I thank God for them every single day.

But as shallow as this may sound, I’m thankful today that I have the Internet. Without the Internet, I would not have heard about the events in Newtown. That wouldn’t have made them go away though. I remember the Oklahoma bombing vividly. I happened to be home from work that day and had television on. I watched in horror. On 9-11 I was at work. No television. I felt panicky because I couldn’t find out what was happening. Today, I still didn’t have a TV, but I had a computer…and the Internet. I could live stream news coverage. Probably too much coverage, but at least I could find out what was happening and stay abreast of new developments.

Don’t get me wrong, the Internet isn’t all good. But today it certainly informed me. And I needed that.


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