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It’s Here!

My iphone6 which was back ordered arrived today.

Disclaimer: I’m an Apple girl.

This phone is great. I looked at the iPhone 6 Plus too. It was huge. My hands aren’t big enough to hold the Plus comfortably. So I went with the 6.

The screen resolution is awesome. Pictures are beautiful.

The extra size is just enough to read comfortably any website I’ve seen.

And, of course, since I synced with the iCloud, it took a short time to have it up and running exactly the way I wanted.

Oh, and the camera is great. The forward facing (for all those selfies) is much better resolution, plus the added timer is great.

The one thing I had seen in s competitor commercial was the speaker. As in one and not two. No problem. The sound is very good. And let’s face it, if I want it really loud, I will Bluetooth it to a bigger speaker anyway.

I’m extremely happy.

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