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Buy a book today!

For those of you who just got a new Kindle for Christmas – here are a few suggestions to help you fill in up so you can start some great reading.

Doctor Sleep is available today for $1.99 – this is a great sequel to The Shining by Stephen King and a great price.  Here was my review of it.

Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen was one of the best books I read in 2013.  I highly recommend this book.  Here was my review

Yesterday Road by Kevin Brennan – this is another inexpensive book (only $2.99).  A journey with an older man with some memory loss as he travels around.  This was a charming book to read.  My review is here

And don’t forget the classics – many of them can be “purchased” for nothing.  What a great time to re-read them or read the ones you’ve always wanted to read.

And you should follow me on Goodreads – I read lots and lots of books and review them as I go.  Plus there are several reviews already there if you are looking for a recommendation.  But even if you don’t follow me, you should certainly look around at what others are saying about books.  As you can see, I’m a huge fan of indie authors and their books.  I think we need to all support them in whatever way we can.  Their books are less expensive and often they are better books.


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