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Thanksgiving Project – Unplugged, Sorta

I had planned to take Soren and spend at the lake with my girlfriend. We actually did that, but I had such a weak cell signal, that I was mostly unplugged. Of course, I kept trying and checking. It was most frustrating. But I’m back among the Internet world again.

We did have fun. Soren loved “driving” the pontoon with assorted other drivers.


Then there was the paddle boat


It rained…hard…just as he was getting ready for a swim yesterday. But he still had loads of fun. I think the most fun he had though was when his mommy got back to pick him up.

And now I’m home, all caught up on WP, ready to relax. Thankful for my few days with my little man. Thankful to be back with you, my friends. I’ve missed you.

Thanksgiving Project – Making Memories

What a day we had. First Soren went to the office with me. That really didn’t work out so good. But then we had lunch with a couple of my friends. One was a preschool teacher so she played games with him, got finger puppets out, and sang songs. He loved that.

Then our two hour drive to the Thomas the Train Ride. Luckily he fell asleep. First thing we did was get our picture taken with Thomas. I know it is a ripoff to buy those pictures, but I’m a grandma and I really wanted the pictures.

I don’t have one yet of us with Thomas.
Then off to to the train play area. The children were fine. But there were some parents that were rude and bullies. As Soren was playing, one dad was determined that his kid have the train Soren was playing with. He ended up pushing against Soren and knocking him down. I lost it. In a controlled way since I didn’t want Soren to hear me. And we left the area. No wonder some kids are bullies.

Anyway, then Soren got to meet Sir Topham Hatt. I think that excited him as much as anything.


Then off to board the train. The kids helped yell All Aboard! Then the train ride. I thought that was a little anti-climatic myself. But Soren enjoyed it.


After the big train ride, Soren wanted to ride this little train. He loved it and it lasted quite a few minutes.

Today, we not only had fun, but we made memories. It is so hard when I don’t get to see him much. But I’m thankful for the fun times we do have.

P.S. Now I’m off to bed. I’m exhausted and tomorrow is the lake.

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