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Luscious Locks

Another thing about today. Well, actually the past couple of days.

True confession time: I’m vain. At least when it comes to my hair. I haven’t always loved my hair. But I sure do now. Probably too much.

Back story: When I was growing up, my mother never allowed me to have long hair. I had a pixie haircut from the beginning of time. I rebelled once in college and let it grow about an inch. My mother was always very critical of my hair. When I turned 50 I decided I was old enough to do what I wanted with my hair.

So I’ve been letting it grow. It is starting to get long. I have it highlighted in the summer and I really like the way it looks. Anyway, I have been wearing it in messy curls. It is naturally curly and couldn’t be easier to take care of.

And I like it. I think it looks really good. And I have gotten compliments on it. Nothing makes me feel better than a man telling me he really likes my new hairstyle. After all, my hair and my smile are all I’ve got.

Today someone I haven’t seen in a couple of years, told me “Your hair is different. I really like it. It looks great!” Now how could that not make me feel good?

I’m sure my mother is shaking her head in heaven about my hair. After all, women should have short hair, especially as they get older 😉 Although her logic was off since I wasn’t allowed to ave long hair as a little girl.

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