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Thanksgiving Project – Whew!

What a day. I spent it all with our consultant. In the middle we had two 90-minute meetings. It was all very very good, but it was also stress I didn’t need. Not bad stress, just stress. I have a killer headache tonight…I need it to rain. So, combine stress, with sinus, throw in sitting in fluorescent lights all day…and you get a huge throbbing head.

But I do have very good news! My MacBook Air arrived today. I’m so excited. After a tiny learning curve (mostly my own stupidity), I’ve got most of it set up. I need to get Office for Mac and a couple of other things downloaded tomorrow and I will be good to go. I just love that everything talks to each other with iCloud. Besides, my other laptop is a 17″ monstrosity. Hardly portable. This is 13″ and plenty big for my needs. And I hear the battery life is great.

So today, I’m thankful for my new laptop. And I’m thankful for a great day with my board and volunteers and our consultant.

But as exciting as all of that, I’m most thankful today for good news from Ionia. She is recovering (and sort of resting). I’m just happy that her prognosis is 95% she has beaten that nasty cancer. What a great friend and I am so happy. I love that lady and need her to help keep Charles and Bradley the boys in line!

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