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Thanksgiving Project – Consequences

Yesterday was all about choices and how I am thankful for so many things I could do to enjoy my time. Today is how those choices have changed today.

I opted yesterday to take a nap and go see a movie. Sidebar: I went to see Zero Dark Thirty. It was a really good movie and I’m glad I went. It seems I go see lots and lots of movies. Yet, I’ve only seen three of the Best Picture nominees this year. Tried reading Life of Pi and gave up on that and that turned me off of watching the movie. I still want to see Argo though. The others I’m not sure were even all available to watch locally.

Back to the topic: Anyway, because of the choices I made yesterday, I must spend today reading a book for work. I read a few pages last night and I think it will be a fairly easy read.

What I really had planned for today was some personal pleasure reading. I’m reading Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman right now and wanted to read it.

But my consequence from yesterday’s choices is that I need to stick with the book for work.

So, how does that make me thankful? Well, I’m thankful I still get to end my afternoon reading. I’m thankful that my reward will be watching the Oscars tonight. I’m thankful that once I finish this book, I can dig back in to my pleasure reading.

Back to reading and listening to some peaceful music.


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