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Corridor of Darkness Review

I really like books set in historic times. I particularly like Civil War era and Nazi Germany books. Nazi Germany books are before my time. However, not too far. And we have all heard and read about the atrocities inflicted by Hitler and his regime. This book was set in Germany but at the beginning of the horrible things that were about to happen. While I love books set in this time period, they also frighten me. I think it is because it isn’t a fantasy story…it really happened.

So, back to this book. It was well written (and edited) and the storyline was well thought out and crafted. It was the story of an American boy who fell in love with a German girl. He goes home to America and becomes a professor at a small university. After he is called upon by the government to become an undercover operative (I think spy is too strong a word), he returns to Germany. That is where the story really takes off.

I won’t go into any further plot descriptions because I’m not sure I could do it without giving too much away. But the American makes the decision to save his former German lover.

The story made my heart beat faster in many places, even requiring me to take a break. But not because it wasn’t well written, but because it was a little too real and disturbing. The book ended in a way that there was clearly a sequel. And, in fact, there was a teaser for the sequel included. I highly recommend this book and I can’t wait to read the next one as well. It was well worth five stars.

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