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Thanksgiving Project – Not Football

This is the time of year I become either great to be around, or a real witch. Warren becomes a football widower. And we had our season opener today.

It was miserable. Since I don’t live anywhere near Pittsburgh, I have to leave home to watch my team play. So, there I sat watching a miserable game. Injuries abounded with two most likely for the season. The offensive was horrible. I still say Todd Haley can go back to Kansas. Oh wait, they didn’t want him either and fired him. Defense can’t win a game. And they have to be exhausted. It’s gonna be a very long season.

The good news is, I ordered a buffalo chicken flatbread pizza without celery. Kitchen screwed up and put celery on it. When it was finally delivered by the manager, he told me how sorry he was and that it was at no charge. So, at least it didn’t cost me much to be miserable.

Oh, and I found a gorgeous laptop sleeve that I must have. It combines two of my favorite things – sunflowers and butterflies. Trouble is, I can’t find it anywhere in the US and I swore I wouldn’t order from Hong Kong again. But look, isn’t it beautiful?

I’m still looking though. My birthday is coming soon. Anybody want to get it for me? LOL!

Thanksgiving Project – Black and Gold

This will be short. Today is an untypical day for a Saturday for me. I’m over scheduled so I don’t have my time to sit and do nothing.

But it started out with a winery tasting with my girlfriend. They have these really cool shoe wine bottle holders. And since I’m an over-the-top Steelers fanatic, I had to have this.

Then I remembered that this same girlfriend had found this bottle of wine for me at a charity auction in Florida a couple of years ago. I will never open it and it has been in my wine rack. But it is a perfect match, don’t you think?


Today I’m thankful my friends understand my obsession love for all things Steelers.

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