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Finally, etc.

Finally Love Aflame was published for Kindle today. It feels like it took a long time to get it all done so it could be published. Th paper book will be ready soon.

As far as the etc., it was a great day. I slept in a little bit since I was out last night for a work meeting. I had a couple of really good meetings and accomplished a lot. Then off to see dad after work. Unfortunately he is still talking about moving facilities. I keep hoping that will pass. I certainly won’t be able to keep going to see him as much and doing his laundry twice a week since he would move into Huntington which is the opposite direction from my house and work. Maybe my sister will pick up the slack HAHAHAHA!!!! I seriously doubt that she will go much more than she does now (once a week). Anyway, finally home to a great dinner that I had put in the crockpot this morning and time to just sit and rest.

Today, I’m thankful my book was published and thankful for such a great day (which I attribute to the sunshine!)


My next poetry collection is ready to get uploaded. I just need to finalize the cover. It’s been a project I’ve been working on for quite awhile so I’m anxious to get it completed.

I plan to have a blog tour in two blasts. One on January 28 and a second blast on February 4. If you would like to help me out, please send me an email to pamela984 (at) yahoo dot com. Sorry for the cryptic email but I don’t like inviting trolls.

Productive Day

I have had a nearly perfect day. Home alone. Quiet. Productive.

Cleaned out a cupboard I’ve been putting off. Laundry done (mine and dad’s). Visited dad who is still fending off Freda. Today she brought her breakfast over to sit with him. The aides aren’t much help. Poor dad. I told him I don’t want to miss more than one day at a time because he might have been drug to the altar if I’m not around. Haha 😃

Poems chosen for this book and most of the next book. Just about done and ready to send off for formatting. Just need to decide if I’m going to make available just on kindle or also paper. I’m leaning toward both. Once I send it off for formatting, I will complete the cover.

Today I’m thankful for the break in the weather. It warmed up to 42 degrees. Snow melted. It was breezy though so I stayed inside.

I’m also thankful for getting so much accomplished today. Tomorrow needs to be just as good.


We had some much needed rain today. In fact, it rained until about 5 o’clock this evening. Nothing terribly hard or heavy – just steady. But, hey, I had to work today anyway, so it might as well have rained.  I’m grateful for the rain on my garden. This should really make my strawberries ripen.

I hire a former colleague to manage all of the social media for our organization and hadn’t seen her face to face for awhile (she lives about 45 miles away). So today was a good day for us to meet. We had lunch in her town – it was great to see her and catch up. Besides, I needed to ask her to take on another responsibility. It was funny because she thought I had asked to see her was because I was going to tell her we didn’t need her anymore. That was so not the case. She does an amazing job with three Facebook pages, twitter and pinterest.

Anyway, we were chatting away about business and all of a sudden she stopped me. She wanted to tell me how much she enjoyed my Dreams of Love poetry collection. She went on and on about how lovely the poems were and how much she really enjoyed them.

Anyone who writes will know how nice unsolicited accolades feel. I was blushing, but I was about to burst inside. It felt so good. Especially since I don’t have a lot of self confidence when it comes to my writing/poetry. So I have been on cloud 9 all afternoon.

I’m thankful today for the rain. I’m thankful for an honest, unsolicited opinion of my poetry. And I’m thankful that hearing that has really spurred me forward on my next book (I haven’t been much in the mood lately and had wanted to have it published in May/June but now it is looking more like July).

P.S. Sales have been stagnant on both of my books and I would like to see them pick up a tad. If you haven’t bought it yet, now would be a good time before the next book comes out.

I stuck with it!

NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month – was April. Since there are only two days left, I think I’m safe in saying I stuck with it. I remember telling someone about the 11th or 12th that I was quitting. But I didn’t quit. I stuck with it.

The funny thing is that I post a poem nearly every day anyway. It’s just the idea of knowing I’m committed to doing it. Somehow that makes it more like a job.

But I’m thankful I stuck it out. I also stuck with it for the Just Jot it January. So, with only four months of the year, I’ve committed to posting every day for two of those months. I am thankful I have done it, but now I need to take a break and just enjoy writing. Besides, I will never get a new collection put together if I’m too busy doing other stuff.

Besides that, it was a wet, chilly day. I sure will be glad when Spring finally shows up. Heck, I want SUMMER!!!!!

Thanksgiving Project – Ultimate Thanks

What could be better than having a dear friend announce that she is CANCER FREE? Absolutely nothing! Ionia, you have made my day and I am totally thankful for YOU today!

Ionia, the Phoenix

Like a Phoenix she has risen,
The conqueror, the victor.
A mythical creature up from the ashes
Ionia, the defeater.

A renewal of body and spirit,
She kicked cancer to the curb.
A chance for rebirth,
Ionia, the long-lived bird.

She vanquished the demons as
She wears jewels and pearls.
The Phoenix has risen,
Ionia, the goddess of squirrels.

Love you, friend. I just wish I could have written something more worthy of such wonderful news.

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