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Thanksgiving Project – Grammar Nazi

I really am not the grammar nazi…well, maybe a little.

But yesterday I bought a short story to help someone out. It was 99 cents so it wasn’t like it was going to break the bank. I really try to support indie authors and musicians when I can and sometimes I discover some pretty nice stuff,

But, this is where the grammar/spelling nazi comes in. I’m not perfect, nor do I expect perfection; however, if you can’t even use the correct your/you’re, then maybe writing isn’t your gift. Either that or you need a proofreader.

And really, if you are self publishing…get someone who knows what they are doing to proofread. Spelling counts….correct words count.

I’m thankful today that I learned grammar basics…and then I had Mother Fisher. Ha! Now, she expected perfection. And Mrs. Deal in 8th grade. I may not have loved all of my teachers, but I learned so much from them. On a side note though, I remember Mrs. Brodbeck couldn’t pronounce naive. She pronounced it nave. Even in junior high, I knew how to pronounce it. I lost respect for her that day. Plus, I never thought she was very nice to us. But most of my teachers were smart and taught me a lot…and I learned from them. Too bad not everyone had that benefit.


Sidebar to the RCC – I’m at a conference all week. So, not only will I be busy, but I will be stuck with convention food. Hoping I can get at least the salad without dressing. It will be a hungry week because I won’t be able to eat much of what I’m served. But I will stay strong. Wish me luck.

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