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Thanksgiving Project – Vacation (travel day)

So, I left Indiana where it was 83 degrees and sunny…and flew to Tampa where it is in the 70s and thundering and lightning and pouring down rain. Not exactly my dream vacation weather.

When I got on the plane, my assigned seat (which I did not choose) was a middle seat. But I was the third person on the plane so I had plenty of time to get my carry on stowed before sitting down.

Since I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with people on airplanes, I immediately put down the armrests. Unfortunately it was a full flight so it wasn’t long until my seat mates arrived. When the rather portly gentleman (who, by the way, took up an entire overhead bin with his carry on placed sideways, his coat and a very large briefcase that should have been under the seat) said he was by the window. As I started to get out so he could get through, he asked if I just wanted to take the window seat. Well, duh. Of course, that gave me oodles of room. Plus I got to look out. It was a great flight too.

So, this isn’t perfect beach weather by a long shot. But I’m sitting on my girlfriend’s covered porch listening to the rain on the roof. It is a sound that relaxes me more than any other. I may fall asleep out here. So peaceful…so calming…the humidity has made my hair look like medusa.

But I’m thankful to be on vacation. And the weather will improve in a couple of days.


Really, lots to be thankful for…vacation, calming sound of rain, time to stow my luggage, a window seat, safe and uneventful trip, good friends.

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