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Thanksgiving Project – One Step Closer

Tonight was my first night with a local group of (mostly) ladies walking. We walked a little over a mile. I tend to walk pretty fast so I was definitely the pace setter. I was good except for the hills. Well, except for the uphill.

But I’m just pleased that I did it. One step at a time

Thanksgiving Project – Rome Construction Crew

Very happy this morning. It was really hard to stick with dieting and cutting back on food when yummy food was set before me.

But I merely tasted the yummy desserts. And Thursday night I had one fried mac and cheese bites at the reception – no dinner. But I did have two very generous glasses of wine. Breakfasts were hard. I’m a Kashi cereal girl with skim milk. That, as expected, wasn’t available so I ordered a whole grain bagel with cream cheese (not the reduced fat kind I use at home either). But I just had a touch of cream cheese.

Bottom line….drum roll………I still lost 1.6 pounds last week!!!!! I’m very happy. So that is a total of 3.8 pounds in two weeks.

It may not sound like much, but I lose weight slowly. I’m happy with that amount. Next challenge will be vacation in less than two weeks. But hopefully my eating habits will be ingrained by then. Plus I’m staying with a friend so I will have healthy breakfast and lunch at least. And I ill have plenty of time to walk.

So, how is everyone else doing on their goals?


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