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Thanksgiving Project – Fiery Food

I don’t really cook that much. But when I do, it has to be simple and quick. And if I like it, I tend to make it a lot.

I’ve been making this Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread for awhile now. I don’t really measure anything. I dump. So it’s never quite the same way twice. I love buffalo sauce. When I first saw this recipe it was on Pinterest. Who doesn’t love Pinterest? I know, right? I have cooked more than ever because of simple and delicious recipes I have seen. Anyway, the original recipe only called for a small quantity of buffalo sauce. First time I made it, I could hardly taste the buffalo at all. So, each time I have increased the amount.

Well, today I not only didn’t measure, but I got a little carried away. I can’t feel my tongue or my lips…my nose is dripping…I’m breathing fire. Give me more. It is really good. I’m thankful for Pinterest or I may never have found this super simple recipe..

Okay, Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread. Here is the recipe (or something close):

Take a can of pizza crust dough and spread onto a greased (spray it with Pam) cookie sheet. Coat the dough with ranch dressing liberally. Then add chicken. I just use a large can of grilled (cooked) chicken. It is chunky so I pull it apart into shreds. Then add Frank’s Buffalo Sauce. Use your judgment here. Then add some shredded cheese over the top. Then roll it up into a loaf and bake at 375 until the dough is done.

That’s it…although you could also add whatever veggies you wanted…I just don’t care for vegetables so I don’t add anything else.


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