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Thanksgiving Project – Color Blind

Wow. What a busy weekend. I got two coats of the charcoal gray primer put on my walls yesterday. Luckily it was just two walls that only go up four feet. But it is a big room. This morning I played hooky from church so I could paint. I got the two big walls and the walls above the primer painted cream.

I thought the color would be more noticeably different than what was already on the walls. But it isn’t. Oh well, the walls haven’t been painted for about seven years anyway, so they were due. I made such good time in getting that done, I decided to go ahead and start painting the dark cranberry.

I opened the paint can and my heart dropped to my feet. What I saw was much more pink than the paint chip and certainly not as dark as I was expecting. But I figured that I needed two coats anyway and if I had to go back to the store, I would at least have one coat done. So, I masked off the walls and started in. At one point, I just started crying. It was just awful. Not at all what I had imagined. I hate pink. It wasn’t exactly pink, but it sure wasn’t the deep crimson I was expecting.

I’m not sure if I was upset about the color or because I was remembering what happened with my mom. About three years ago, my mom decided to paint her kitchen candy apple red. She was always known for being a bit of a klutz – walking one direction and looking another…and then of course hurting herself. Anyway, she was on a ladder painting away at the top of her basement stairs. Yep, she fell. It was a miracle she didn’t kill herself or break something. But it took a little time before anyone knew she was there. And she couldn’t get up the stairs on her own. Red paint smeared the steps. It looked like a CSI murder scene. Anyway, that memory came back to me as I was painting. Mom died a year ago (not from this fall). I miss her when I’m working on projects like these.

But, now that the first coat is dry, it is the rich dark cranberry I was expecting. I’m so relieved. I still need to give it at least one more coat. But I’m quite pleased with the results so far.

Warren is making me the frame for a headboard that I can upholster. That will be next. But it is certainly not a priority before vacation.

I’m just thankful right now that the color is going to be perfect.


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