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Thanksgiving Project – Back Home

Vacations are a great respite from the daily grind. I suppose if we were always on vacation, we wouldn’t appreciate them nearly as much.

But it is always nice to get home. I know I will sleep better in my own bed tonight.

I’m unpacked, laundry done, and I spent the afternoon at work sorting out mail and cleaning out my inbox.

My red skin has turned brown. I’m refreshed and rested. I’m ready to dive back into things again with renewed vigor.

…and I’m already planning my next vacation 🙂

Thanksgiving Project – Spirit Revival

Last official day of vacation. I haven’t had to work five days in a week in four weeks. I hope I’m up for the challenge this week.

I’m thankful I have had this time to refresh and revive my spirit. I’m ready to get back to work. I have several projects that need my time and attention. I have had a few ideas brewing in the back of my head so now it is time to bring those ideas forward and work on them.

I’m thankful I had plenty of time to read. I need to remember to make time every single day for the important things – family, friends, and my books.

I’m thankful I had time to catch up on my sleep. Funny thing, I normally go to bed around midnight. But during vacation I was going to bed between 10:30 and 11:00. And I slept just fine. I need to try and keep that sleeping schedule.

I’m thankful for time to do nothing at all. I tend to think that is being lazy, but really it is a time to revive my body and my soul. I need to remember to take time every day, even if only for a few minutes, to just sit and meditate.


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