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Retail Memories – When Customers Attack by Papi Z

Oh my. I’m a bit speechless. But let me try and write this review anyway.

First of all, this is a very short book. I read it in less than an hour.

Second of all, it was written cleanly. By that I mean free from most errors and grammar mistakes.

Third of all, I come from a background of both large retail store management and district management. That gives me a different perspective than most people I would assume.

Okay, here is the actual review. I struggled with three or four stars. Three because the subject content was a bit graphic. But four because it was handled well. And, honestly, I’ve seen it all.

This was entertaining because, like I said, I’ve seen it all. Not much shocked me by the time I left that world. These stories brought back a lot of memories…some good, some not so good.

It is worth a read. If it gets too graphic for you, skip that chapter. Parts of the book will make you ask “does that really happen?” Let me assure you it does. Parts will make you say “ewww”! But for less than a soda and just a few minutes to read, it won’t hurt you to read it. It might also remind you to be nicer when you are out shopping.

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