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Harry Connick, Jr.

Well, from the beginning this night was filled with problems. First my original friends. Then just getting to the venue. I’ve only been there once before and it was a few years ago. I put the address in my phone GPS. It took me through downtown. Downtown was a mess. Not sure what was going in but there were tons of people everywhere and all the streets I wanted to be on were blocked.

I guess it helps if you put the right address in to the GPS though. I ended up in Eli Lilly’s parking lot. At least that gave me time to send the friends meeting me a quick text that I was on my way and to put the correct address into my gps.

Then I tried parking and discovered that the cash I thought I had was missing. Can’t even blame kids. I just forgot I spent it. And, of course, the lots were cash only. But I found an office parking lot about two blocks away that was open (and empty). It was even well lit which is a big deal since I would be walking back to my car alone in a city I’m unfamiliar with.

Anyway, I finally got inside and found my friends (or rather they found me). It was up the stairs then to find our seats. I probably should have taken time to go to the bathroom first, but the show was about to start. Got to our seats. Auditorium appeared to be sold out.

The show was amazing. The musicians were incredible. From the string bass player to the flutist. I saw Harry about 15 years ago in Fort Wayne. It was a great show. But this was an AWESOME show!

He talked to the audience a lot, even pointed out a woman wearing a tshirt with his latest album cover. She was on the front row and holding another shirt she had purchased. He asked if he could see it for a minute to show the rest of us. Long story short, he invited her on stage (she crawled up) and ended up dedicating the next song to her. I’m sure she is still on Cloud 9 today.

This was not the smooth jazz I typically associate with Harry. This was edgy, New Orleans style jazz. He featured his orchestra a lot. The trombone player, the drummer, the string bass and the sax in particular.

Of course, Harry is an accomplished musician. He played the trumpet, the bongos, the organ, keyboard, and the piano. He sang. He danced. (Who couldn’t love him shaking his booty at the audience?). It was a super high energy show that lasted for over two hours. From the soft, slow ballad style to the jumping swing music, it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. He rocked the house and I doubt there was a single person there who was disappointed.

Oh, and his latest release (Every Man Should Know) is amazing. Check it out.

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