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The Best Medicine by Jessica B. Bell Review

This was a dark short story. There was hope throughout the story that kept me reading. I don’t typically read anything that deals with undead or zombie like creatures. This was a quick story of a woman and her daughter. The woman, Judy, had worked for the company who had created the drugs that turned people into flesh eating monsters.

While the story was well- written, I can’t really say I can recommend it…unless you like this sort of story. It only takes a few minutes to read though, so give it a chance. If you dare.

Fly Birdie by Jo Robinson

Short and sweet. This short story covered weeks and maybe months. The descriptions were beautiful. I felt as if I was living her terror and then her joy.

As someone suffering from ornithophobia, I was wary of reading this. But it was truly a gentle sweet story.

I gave this five out of five stars.

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