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Social Butterfly

I just have a few comments (strictly my opinion) about social media.

Do you have a Facebook page? Is it an author page? I follow several authors on Facebook. The best ones are those that let me know about their books, as well as enlighten me about something that may pertain to writing or a particular genre or topic. I (again this is just my personal opinion) think that personal topics are best left to personal pages. I’m not the author’s friend (and if I am I will be their personal Facebook friend) so I don’t think I should be involved in personal stuff. That doesn’t mean an author can’t talk about how they are motivated, their muses, their writing process, etc. But it does mean I don’t want to read about their trip to the grocery store or their cat’s hair balls.

And, if you want people to follow your blog AND your Facebook page, you need to make them different. Different content or at least added content on one or the other.

Social media takes time to make each platform unique. Not everyone can do all platforms. Nor should they try. Oh, and please don’t post on Facebook a bajillion times a day. Save it for your friends. Not your (potential) readers.

Twitter just complicates things. In order to get any traction with Twitter, you have to be prepared to post…a lot…at different times of the day and night.

And if the only thing I ever see from someone on any platform is them promoting their own book, I’m quickly disinterested. Life is so beautiful and filled with so many interesting stories and events. Plenty to talk about on Twitter besides your own book.

By the way, the extreme examples I have seen are not any of my blogging friends. But in case you are looking at spreading your wings into social media, these are the opinions of one person.

Random Post

I’ve had this rattling around in my head for a few weeks now. Not sure that I have completely put it all together yet so this may be a bit jumbled and incoherent. Here goes nothing

I know that most bloggers pay a lot of attention to their stats – how many visited your site each day, how many likes do each post get, comments are golden, followers, etc. I know that I’m no different. It seems to be a way of validating us or shows our reach.

But, am I the only one that this applies to?

When I get to a blog post with a bajillion comments, I tend to just close it. After all, my comment isn’t unique or special, just one of many. Often not even recognized or acknowledged. Same thing for “likes” – when I see a post I want to like and then see not just dozens, but hundreds of likes, I tend to wonder what the point is. Of course, sometimes I still do like it. But often, I just close it up.

I’m not sure what that cutoff number would be. But I have some thoughts on that as well. Is it someone who regularly visits my page? Is it someone who I have engaged with? Or is it just a nameless/faceless blogger? In other words, will my like make a difference? Same thing for comments, there are sites where comments are either disabled or always waiting to be approved. It is plain that those bloggers either don’t trust other bloggers or can’t be bothered with engaging. So why would I comment? Isn’t the point of social media (and WordPress is social media) – to be social?

So what do you all think? Is a “like” enough? Do you reply to at least most of your comments? Am I the only one who thinks these things? Please comment – I truly am interested in your thoughts.

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