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I Hate MS

Well I don’t really hate MS. Although it can be a terrible disease, I’ve been fortunate because I have no outward symptoms and haven’t had for over ten years. Hence, the medication. It does it’s job so I guess I’m willing to take it. What I really hate are the stupid shots I have to have every week.

Most times the shots don’t bother me. But it is those occasional weeks where I get these miserable flu-like symptoms. I get achy, have a touch of a fever, chills and sweats, and a headache. Exactly how I feel right now.

I’ve been waiting for an oral medication that could replace the needles. But those side effects are worse and could have lasting impact on my health. Plus, at least the shots are the devil I know.

I’m not really whining. Just feel yucky right now.

Other than that though, it’s been a great day. I’ve been home alone and haven’t done a single thing other than have lunch with a friend. Warren won’t be home until late tomorrow night so I’m guessing I may be bored later tomorrow. But now I’m enjoying the solitude. Time to go read.

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