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It’s freezing here. At 9:00 pm it was -2 degrees with a -19 degree wind chill. Driving home from work was challenging. The whiteout made it treacherous to drive. Schools are closed tomorrow. I can at least tolerate it when it is in the 30’s. But these temps are just ridiculous.

Last winter when we had temps like this, I was so upset because my dad was still going out every day for breakfast and lunch. I yelled, I begged to no avail. In hindsight, it was his caregiver’s fault. He wouldn’t cook anything so dad felt like he had no choice.

I’m really thankful today that I don’t have to worry about dad. He is being so well taken care of. His needs are all being met. He is fed three times a day, plus snacks. He is clean and dressed. He is warm. The nursing home is way too warm for me, and dad would never set his thermostat on 76 at home, but his room is a toasty 76 degrees.

The peace of mind I have is wonderful. I know that I don’t have to worry about him.

Thanksgiving Project – Time Off

I think the thing I’m most thankful for today is that as of 10:30 this morning, my work week was finally over. I did take Friday afternoon off, but still put in 55 hours this week. I’m beat. So, I truly am thankful for the down time.

Of course that all comes with a price. Today’s price is dealing with my dad. He has come to the realization that he just doesn’t think he can stay home much longer. I’ve just had a feeling for the past few weeks that something wasn’t quite right. But every time I would ask, he would say things were fine. I even called my sister and asked her if she had noticed anything – in fact, I even went so far as to stop and see her at her work yesterday. She kept assuring me that it was just the time of year (whatever that thing is that the lack of sunshine affects people). Today she called and asked if I had time to talk. I knew something was up. So, it seems that today dad told her that we need to start looking for assisted living for him. His mobility is deteriorating, he is almost too much for one person to handle, and he realizes that he needs something more.

Fast forward – I stop to see dad and he tells me pretty much the same thing. Now comes the hard part – I don’t think he can do assisted living. He needs more than that. This stuff is just not fun. But, at least I had the weekend (well, most of it) off.

Now if I can just finally find some time to read. Why does that always get put on the back burner? It is my saving grace and keeps me sane so it should be way more important. I’m reading Poe by J.Lincoln Fenn – not a typical book for me but so far really good. Have you noticed I keep saying “this is not a typical book for me?” I have never read outside of the suspense thriller genre much before and with all these indie books, I’m discovering new worlds. And I’m glad I am too. I encourage all of you to read something “not typical” for you today.

The other thing I’m thank for is that I have had TWO good hair days in a row. That almost never happens – now I’m going to try for three! Although, truth be told, I’d rather not have a good hair day tomorrow in exchange for a good hair day when I will be at work. Vain, I know. But I do love my hair 😉

It was nearly 60 degrees here today – but very windy. The temperatures are going to start dropping tomorrow though and by early next week it will be down i the 20’s at night. BRRRRRRR!

Don’t forget to be thankful for all the little things every single day.

Thanksgiving Project – Hard Boiled Eggs

What? How can I be happy for a hard boiled egg, you ask? Let me explain.

So, I’ve had a busy day (early employee meetings all the way through evening employee meetings – with a committee meeting sandwiched in the middle). I provided lunch for the committee meeting (pulled pork, in case you are interested). Well, I misjudged the amount of pulled pork so I didn’t eat (nor did my committee chair).

Anyway, I had boiled some eggs on Sunday night and brought a couple to work. Good thing too. I still was able to have lunch (a hard boiled egg and a small bag of chips). Not the best lunch, but enough to fill me up. No idea what dinner will be when I get home around 7:30 tonight. But it won’t be another egg 😉

Plus another thing to be thankful for today is that I actually dressed up a bit. Good thing too. I just got a phone call from the Mayor asking for a favor. I was instrumental in starting an inclusiveness initiative in our community several years ago with him. And it seems that a local (well as local as you can get around here) university was going to be in town today to do a video interview for a class with him about that initiative. He asked if I would be available for them as well. So, dressing up today was good. I’m wearing jeans tomorrow so I hope there aren’t any surprises.

Today I’m thankful for a lot – good meetings, being appropriately attired, and, yes, a hard boiled egg!

Thanksgiving Project – Pizza

What life wouldn’t be complete without pizza? Okay, that might be overstating it a bit. But really, pizza saves many an evening meal.

Tonight was one of those nights. After a long day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was fix dinner. Plus, then I had to head over to my girlfriend’s house so she could stick a needle in my butt. But since we were out anyway, and hungry, pizza was the answer. Living somewhere we can’t get delivery, we try to take advantage of the times we are already out and about.

Plus, we are living in the $5 pizza world. Not exactly gourmet pizzas, but edible.

I remember when I was little, there was no such thing as a pizza joint. We used to buy these horrible pizzas in a box. They had a packet of dry flour stuff that you added water to and rolled out. Then a little “pizza sauce” that tasted just like plain old tomato sauce. Add your own meat. Then top with grated Parmesan cheese. We’ve come a long way since that.

Today I’m thankful for pizza. Modern pizza.

Thanksgiving Project – New Book and an Old Folks Tour

I got home to see there was a package from Amazon. Hmmm, I couldn’t remember ordering anything. I opened it and it was a paperback book, 7 F Words. No, not that F word. The words are Focus, Faith, Freedom, Family, Finance! Fitness, Fun. Okay, I’m intrigued. Then I saw the note. It was from a friend of mine. Evidently she knows one of the authors and thought I might enjoy the book. I don’t read a lot of that kind of book, but, hey, I might learn something, right?

Then I went on my Old Folks Tour tonight. Stopped to see my uncle in rehab. He is doing quite well. My cousin and her husband were there too, but they were not the old folks I was referring to. 😉

Then off to see my dad. He never really has much to say. He’s always been a man of few words. Tonight was no exception. I think that’s why I talk so much. I always feel the need to fill the silence around him.

So, now I’ve done my visiting and tomorrow is all about me! Warren will be gone for the day. I’m taking a Tylenol PM in hopes I will be able to sleep past 5. I want to finish the book I’m reading and start another. I don’t plan to go anywhere though. Just the quiet….ahhhhhh.

One thing I am not thankful for today is this sinus headache. I had hoped it would be gone since the rain moved on. But surely by tomorrow.

So I’m thankful for my upcoming alone day. Thankful I got to see family tonight so I don’t feel guilty ignoring everyone tomorrow. Thankful that a friend thought enough of me to send me a book.

Thanksgiving Project – Rain, Rain

Halloween will be a wet one for all the kids around here. Fortunately, our town has Boo in Bluffton in the City Gym. Nice and dry there.

It has rained fairly hard all day long. Actually, it started in the night. So, I decided to grab a quick lunch and go down to our River Greenway to sit in my car. I intended to read, but instead reclined my seat and listened to the rain falling on the roof of my van. So peaceful. And now I’m listening to it rain outside. It is a hard downpour now. But we needed some rain (all the leaves are off the trees now it seems). Now if it just keeps it up until time for me to go to bed. That should lull me right to sleep.

The other thing I’m thankful for today is my cousin. I’ve mentioned before that I have about 45 cousins on my mom’s side of the family. Now keep in mind that my parents were married 55 years and my dad left his family in Ohio to be a part of her family. Since my mom died a little over 19 months ago, my dad has been visited by my mom’s brother, my uncle Max. And my cousin Margie. That’s it. No one else. Dad can’t exactly run around visiting anyone himself and they all know that. I ran into a cousin the other day who said, “I really should go see your dad”. I replied with “yes, you should. Everyone says they should and none of you do it. It is shameful.” I’ve decided that I might as well speak my mind. And I know they would all show up at the funeral home. That doesn’t really do a thing for people. And when the time comes, I guarantee you that I will speak up. If that’s at the funeral home and I get ex-communicated from the family, so be it.

Okay, I got a little off track. So, I was talking about what I’m thankful for. I’m thankful that my cousin, Jenny, who is here to see my uncle Max (her dad) made an extra effort to go see my dad at breakfast this week. When my dad told me, it made me cry. It is nice to know that not everyone is so self absorbed.

So, I’m thankful for caring family. I’m thankful for all this rain. I’m thankful to be home. I’m thankful tomorrow is Friday.

What are especially thankful for today? Is there an older family member (or neighbor or friend’s parents) you should take a few minutes to go visit? Really. Make someone’s day. Go out of your way to show a small kindness. You will be blessed and they will feel special.

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