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It’s freezing here. At 9:00 pm it was -2 degrees with a -19 degree wind chill. Driving home from work was challenging. The whiteout made it treacherous to drive. Schools are closed tomorrow. I can at least tolerate it when it is in the 30’s. But these temps are just ridiculous.

Last winter when we had temps like this, I was so upset because my dad was still going out every day for breakfast and lunch. I yelled, I begged to no avail. In hindsight, it was his caregiver’s fault. He wouldn’t cook anything so dad felt like he had no choice.

I’m really thankful today that I don’t have to worry about dad. He is being so well taken care of. His needs are all being met. He is fed three times a day, plus snacks. He is clean and dressed. He is warm. The nursing home is way too warm for me, and dad would never set his thermostat on 76 at home, but his room is a toasty 76 degrees.

The peace of mind I have is wonderful. I know that I don’t have to worry about him.

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