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Finally somewhere warmer. But it wasn’t without its hiccups.

First my seat assignment was nullified when a different plane was brought in and used. Had I known that, I would have paid the extra for priority boarding. Airlines charge for everything these days. This airline, Allegiant, charges for not just checked bags, but also carry on bags. I figured if I was paying, I might as well pay a few more dollars to check my bag.

I swore the last time I used this airline I would never do it again. But the low prices are compelling. Plus it is the only airline that is halfway reasonable out of Fort Wayne. Otherwise, I have to drive to Indianapolis and pay to park. But I love flying Southwest.

Anyway, flight left on time and I’m finally somewhere warmer than Indiana. I’m thankful for friends to stay with. Thankful I have friends in warm places. Thankful for a change of scenery. Thankful my new seat mates didn’t hog my armrest or sneeze on me or touch me. But I have to say, flying isn’t fun. It’s an ordeal. But until teleportation is around, I’m stuck with it.


It is snowing again 😪 but it is supposed to change over to a frozen mix 😂. Finally getting warmer tomorrow and just rain. I sure hope so but I’m not overly optimistic about it getting warmer.

I’ve checked in for my flight and downloaded my boarding pass. I’m stuck at the back of the plane, but at least it is an aisle seat (I’m too cheap to pay to choose my own seat. My bags are packed. It looks like Mr. Wonderful won’t be taking me to the airport even though he promised he would. He did this to me once before. I said a few choice words. I yelled. I cried. It’s been pretty frosty here tonight. I’m going to drive myself and it will be up to him to figure out how to get my car back or else pay to park it for ten days.

But then I got home from work to some surprises. I had a signed copy of Red a Clay and Roses from my dear friend Susan. Best part is I’m going to get to thank her in person next week when I stop in Orlando to see her! Then I saw another envelope in the nail. It was my signed bookmarks from Sarah Cradit plus more that I can give out. I felt so loved. And if you haven’t read Susan’s book or any of Sarah’s books in the Crimson & Clover series, you definitely need to do that. They are all wonderful reads.

Today I’m thankful for my author friends and their high quality books. I’m thankful I’m leaving this frozen tundra tomorrow. Trust me when I say, I will not miss all this white snow.


I have been practicing for retirement. Doing nothing all day, somedays not even getting dressed. But I have to say, that is not really how I envision retirement. So maybe really I’ve just been recovering from all the mad crazy hours I have been working.

Just watched the evening weather forecast. I’m thinking it is high time to get out of northern Indiana. Yikes! Forecast calls for several inches of snow overnight (3-5″) and then more again on Sunday. But the real worry is -14 degrees forecast for Monday night. Brrrr!

I’m thankful that I’m getting ready to go to Florida (in 9 days!) where the forecast on the day I leave is rainy, but in the mid 70’s. I’m thankful I’ve had over a week off of work to relax and rest. But I’m equally thankful to be going back to work for a short week this week. And then next week will fly by (I hope) as I leave for 10 days in Florida with friends.

Vacation, baby!

Well, technically just a couple of vacation days. But combined with four holiday days, I’m off work until January 2. I definitely need the time off. I’m still under the weather. Tired of being sick and tired. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

But here are all the things I’m extra thankful for today.

* I got a bottle of my favorite wine for Christmas from a good friend. Yummy!
* My secretary had her kids in the office for a bit today. Her 9 year old looked at me adoringly and told me she just loved my red hair and my red top. And she thought I was so pretty. (Sure beats having Warren come home the other day and telling me how bad I look!)
* I found an Egg Nog shake finally. Wanted one with lunch from McDonald’s only to hear they were sold out for the season. What? It isn’t even Christmas yet. But the Huntington McDonald’s still had them this evening. Yay! Funny story while I was there. I wanted to buy a $40 gift card. The girl taking my order said she couldn’t do that – they only came in $5, $10, $25, or $50 amounts. I wasn’t going to make it easy on her. I figured if they hired people with that little common sense, I would only buy a $25 one. By the time I got to the window an adult working asked if I still wanted $40. She said that, of course they could do that. I hate to say it, but kids today just don’t know how to use the brain God gave them sometimes. *smh*
* I got awesome news at work. Can’t go into details, but it means we raised a lot more money than I had anticipated from one company!
* And let’s not forget, I’m off work for NINE days!!!!!

Lots to be thankful for even when I’m fighting the flu that won’t go away.

Thanksgiving Project – Back Home

Vacations are a great respite from the daily grind. I suppose if we were always on vacation, we wouldn’t appreciate them nearly as much.

But it is always nice to get home. I know I will sleep better in my own bed tonight.

I’m unpacked, laundry done, and I spent the afternoon at work sorting out mail and cleaning out my inbox.

My red skin has turned brown. I’m refreshed and rested. I’m ready to dive back into things again with renewed vigor.

…and I’m already planning my next vacation 🙂

Thanksgiving Project – Final Day

Today was my final day in Florida. I fly out tomorrow morning and head straight back to work in the afternoon.

But today was glorious. Sunny, blue skies, white billowy clouds, warm temps, and THE BEACH!!!!

I truly believe I was born to be on the beach. I love hearing the waves. I can’t swim, but I love standing in the surf and rising up to meet the waves.

We lunched at the Sandbar in Anna Maria Island and then headed out to sit in the sand. I definitely stayed out too long, but it was wonderful. My knees are really quite red, but by Thursday they will be nicely browned. The beach was nearly empty – after spring break, before school is out, and a weekday.

I’m thankful the weather decided to cooperate. I’m thankful for time out of the office. I’m thankful for the beach!!!!!



Thanksgiving Project – Vacation Day 6

Today has been my idea of a perfect vacation day (except for the no beach part)

I’ve been alone and on my own all day. I slept in a bit before I sat on the screened porch and finished my book. (State of Wonder if you’re interested – need to get that up on goodreads). By 11 I was feeling the need to lay on a lounge chair by the pool. Even the love bugs seemed to be leaving me alone today (well mostly at least).

I laid out for a couple of hours before I came back and showered and made a healthy lunch. Did this week’s payroll for work. Now I’m back on the porch getting ready to start a new book. Life is good today. I’m enjoying the quiet immensely. So thankful for this day to myself.

Okay, time to figure out which book to start reading next. I think the selection process is nearly as much fun as the reading. Is that weird?

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