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Thanksgiving Project (part 2) – Walkin’ in the Rain

So tonight is the last night of the conference. The Host City event was at the Indiana State Museum. I remember the days when I could hardly wait for the parties. But I must be getting old or something.

We walked via skywalks to avoid the pouring rain. But the last bit was still outside. Glad I had taken my umbrella. It was a nice walk over talking with friends and colleagues. I enjoyed chatting with a few people. I used one of my drink tickets for a Diet Pepsi (doesn’t seem fair that that same ticket could’ve gotten me a glass of wine or a beer, but I digress). I wasn’t really hungry so the lack of hors d’oeuvres didn’t bother me much.

But I guess I kinda hit my wall. I’d had enough of crowds, noise, and people. I get like that. Not often, but I know when I’ve had enough. So, I only stayed a short time and walked back alone.

That walk was really perfect. I walked in the rain all the way back. It was only a few blocks. At first I thought about paying a cab, but the walk sounded nice. And it was. It was raining hard, but with my umbrella, it wasn’t too bad. I needed the exercise and it wasn’t cold. I can’t remember the last time I walked leisurely in the rain. It did my soul good. It was quiet and peaceful. And except for dodging the splashes from cars flying past, I was able to just breathe and be calm. Now I’m ready for the next reception tonight.


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