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We are having high winds right now. It’s only snowed a little over an inch but the winds are coming down from the north. And they are definitely strong. We have had several bouts of white out conditions. Nothing as bad as the east coast, but I’m certainly ready for spring.

I’ve been under the weather as well. Achy, chilled, head ache, throat so sore and scratchy. Sorry for no post yesterday. I came home from work early and went to bed. In fact, I’ve been under a blanket in my pajamas all day. Time for a nap.

Thankful that I can stay in today and not venture out in this mess. Not so thankful that I have the flu.

The Weekend is Here!

I plan to go see dad in the morning first thing. Then home to curl up with a book under my blanket. And pray the weather forecast is wrong. Right now I’m hearing 7-12″ of snow. Ugh

I’m thankful the week is over and the weekend has begun. Plus I’ve received two five-star reviews on my book 😍

Good news

After stressing out about my car and nearing a meltdown when I priced just the part for a new starter, Warren left to go put the battery charger on it. He was going to let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Of course he had to shovel snow away from the barn door so he could leave first. It has been bitter bitter cold again all day. In fact, as I write this, it is 3 degrees but the windchill is -14 degrees.

I’m grateful he went to take care of my car. But I was surprised when he called. I jokingly asked if it started right up. And his answer was “yep!” Really? We tried for over 30 minutes yesterday and it wouldn’t even click. He got in it this morning and it started right up!

We think that there was ice either around the starter or when I put it in park there was ice to prevent it from fully going into park. It warmed up to about 10 degrees overnight so it dislodged or something.

Anyway, the great news is my car is just fine. And it’s in the garage out of the air. It is supposed to go down to -7 tonight. Wind chills tomorrow most of the day will be -20 to -30. Brrrrrr

But I’m thankful I have a fully functioning car again.

Thanksgiving Project – Mother Nature

Mother Nature and I are not getting along so much right now. I’m a summer girl. I need sun, but even more than that, I need it to be hot!

Indiana weather has been crazy this year. Here it is June 2 at 3:30 in the afternoon and it is still only 65 degrees. I’m anxious for about twenty more degrees.

Plus we’ve had sprinkles and clouds all weekend.

But I’m thankful today anyway. I’m thankful I got the lawn mowed before the rain. I’m thankful I can wear a jacket while mowing to stay warm. And I’m really thankful the lawn is done. Not much makes me more peaceful than looking out at the freshly mowed grass and listening to the birds sing.

Do I wish it was warmer and sunny? You bet, but at least it isn’t snow and 30 degrees. Still flip-flop weather.

Thanksgiving Project – Vacation – Day 2

The rain eased up last night and it hasn’t rained at all today. That doesn’t mean I’ve seen any sun though.

I am starting to think the vacation gods are out to get me. When I was off work between Christmas and New Year’s, I was very sick with a nasty bug. Nasty enough to send me to the doctor and take meds. If you know me, I hate doctors and never go and hate taking anything. So, basically I lost four vacation days in bed.

Now, a trip to Florida after a never ending Indiana winter. Two absolutely gorgeous days in Indiana…and all I’ve seen is clouds and rain.

But, then I remembered my cruise in January and a long weekend with one of my best friends in southeast Florida. The weather was unseasonably warm and I enjoyed every single second of it!

I also remembered that I’m not at work…I’m still on vacation! And I know the weather will get better before I leave. My friend is taking tomorrow off so we will have a fun day regardless.

Okay, gotta go read some more…and nap. Vacationing and relaxing is exhausting 🙂


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