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Weight Loss Monday

Slow and steady. That’s me. Down .6 this week. I much prefer whole pounds but they add up. I’ve lost a total of 13.4 since January 5. When I put it that way, it doesn’t seem like much. But losses are always better than gains. It’s just coming off so slowly. 

Not much else to report. I’ve been super swamped at work. I have a giant project coming together. I’ve been working on it for awhile now…but mostly just in my mind. The past couple of weeks I’ve actually been doing it. I’m very proud of it and will be happy to share soon. 

The weatherman had said it was going to snow today. He said we were forecast 1-3″ but it would likely be less than an inch. We got nearly FIVE inches from 12:30 – 4:00. Heavy wet snow. And I waded through all 5″ in my bare legs getting in and out of my car. At least I had changed shoes this morning and left the sandals at home. Roads were treacherous. I’m truly sick of winter. 

Weight Loss Monday

Not feeling very chatty tonight. I’m super stressed at work and under a big deadline. Plus dealing with the sale of dad’s house. It all makes me want to crawl into a cave and hide. Instead I ate my way through my evening. It was like I was possessed. Oh well, I will get back on the program tomorrow. 

Weigh in today was good. I lost another .6 pounds. That’s 12.8 pounds total. It’s slow. But it’s steady. 

Weight Loss Monday

Another week. Another weigh in. Another loss. It wasn’t much (-.2). But a loss is still a loss and always better than a gain. 

Today was a challenge. I made plans to go to the Chinese buffet for lunch and forgot I had dinner plans with a friend. I made good choices though. Lunch was egg drop soup, one crab Rangoon, five peel and eat shrimp and one piece of General Tso’s chicken and some fruit. Dinner was jumbo shrimp on a bed of linguine and spicy marinara with a side salad. It could have been worse. And I hardly ate any of the linguine. Now Warren has lunch tomorrow.

But back to religiously counting my points tomorrow. I need a bigger loss next week

Weight Loss Monday

I’m not gonna lie. I truly expected a gain this week. I was bad. Went out to dinner with a friend and had drinks. And I didn’t stick to wine, which is at least a better choice. Oh no, chocolate martini and Bailey’s on the rocks. Plus then I had another bad day.

Somehow, though, I still managed to eek out a tiny .2 loss. I will take it. At least it is still going in the right direction. Did I mention I moved down a size in jeans? That means more to me than the scale.

Onward and downward.

On another note, I’m still fighting the flu. This has really knocked me on my butt. I have been in bed since Friday afternoon. But decided to try and go to work. I lasted until 2:30. Then I came home. And now tonight I’m just all done in.


Okay, it is Monday and that means weight loss progress day.

This week was not a good week for me – I wasn’t as mindful of my food and I know I made some bad choices. But I still logged a point 2 loss. It isn’t much, but it is much better than a gain of any kind. I’m back on track so I’m hopeful that this week will fare better.

On an unrelated note, my dad’s oldest brother passed away this morning. They weren’t terribly close, but it was still his brother. I had the “pleasure” of going to the nursing home this morning and telling my dad. He cried. It was the first sibling to die for him. I think it reminds us all of our own mortality when that happens. I stayed for quite awhile with him this morning. He was sad that he couldn’t go. But I don’t think there is going to be any service anyway and he was living in Florida so it wouldn’t be an option for my dad. I told him this was a good time to remember to stay in touch with his other brother and his sister (which he did).

Such a Loser

Weighed in this morning again – and I’m happy to say I had another loss! Minus 1.2 pounds this week. I have been faithful to Weight Watchers and counting my points – and mostly I haven’t felt the least bit hungry. Unfortunately, I have been craving pizza – so today for lunch we got pizza and I ate an entire small pizza – it was soooooooo good. But that will put me over for my points for the day. At least it is the beginning of the week so I have plenty of time to get back on track and still lose.

We didn’t have quite the weather we were predicted to get – but the driveway was drifted shut so I cancelled all of my meetings and appointments for today and stayed in. Well, stayed in as in I didn’t get my van out of the driveway. But I did get in Warren’s 4×4 truck and ride with him into town (groceries, bank, dad’s and pizza).

I’m grateful I have a job that gives me some degree of flexibility. I’m also so thankful for the continued weight loss (and my pizza).

Another loss

I’m starting to like my Monday posts the most. I lost another .6 pounds this week. In three weeks I’ve lost 7.8 pounds. I’m thrilled.

I’ve been eating at home instead of going out all the time. And finding low point foods that will fill me up. I’m happy with my progress so far.

Ideally I would lose another 38 pounds (at least 33 more). I just keep thinking about all those clothes I have for summer that I could wear.

Onward and downward.


As you may recall, I said that on Monday I would be updating my weight loss journey. I’m very happy to report that I lost another 2.2 pounds – that is a total of 7.2 pounds in two weeks!

I’m not gonna lie, it hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve stuck with it (mostly). And it paid off. Just so you know, I’m one of those really determined individuals – once I set my mind to something, nothing gets in my way. I honestly think spring/summer will get here eventually, and I plan to have less of me to show off once I shed the layers of clothes!

On another, very sad, note – my town had a missing 3 year old yesterday. It turns out, his body was in a field 12 miles from home. Mom (who is only 21) was arrested, along with her boyfriend and his young 16 year old friend. It sounds like he was in a meth home and got into the meth and it killed him and then the boyfriend and his friend dumped the body in a field. I am absolutely heartbroken. I wish people would wake up and understand that drug use is not good. This was a preventable tragedy and the little boy paid with his life.

New Format (kinda)

I have decided that Mondays will be my day to report on my weight loss. Hopefully, I will still be thankful every week.

I have known I needed to do something – life has been stressful this past year and I have compensated with food. So the 25 pounds I needed to lose last year turned into 40 pounds this year. Several years ago I lost 65 pounds on Weight Watchers – and I looked fine 🙂  Last Monday I started back on Weight Watchers (I’m using a really old plan that worked well for me before).

I also have nearly given up Diet Pepsi. For those that really know me, you know this is huge. I started my day with Diet Pepsi and didn’t quit until the light was turned off at night. I won’t tell you how many cans I drank a day, but suffice it to say that it was A LOT! I’m down to one to start my day and then water the rest of the day (80-100 oz daily).

I’m happy to report that the first week resulted in a 5 pound weight loss. I know that it won’t stay at that level, but it feels good to know that now I only have 35 pounds to go! So, let’s see how much I can lose this week. I’m more interested that it is always a loss than in the amount. Little by little I will get back to my cute, tiny self!

So this week I’m very thankful that I started and that I lost five pounds!

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