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Curse of the Dark Wind by Charles Yallowitz Review
Four and a half stars out of five

Book Six in the Legends of Windemere series is full of action, fantasy and adventure.

Luke, and the other champions, try to solve the mystery of the Living Curse. It takes them on a journey to Gale Hollow and then on to Widowhorn and the Garden of Uli. Luke appears to be the champion who is targeted in this book in the series. As he and his friends battle all sorts of creatures, are visited by an old friend, and discover new found magic and talent.

I really enjoyed Fizzle in this book. He was allowed to shine with his abilities and the champions seem to rely on him throughout much of this book.

These are fun books to read. I recommend reading them in order though so you will have full understanding.

I do wish, however, that the partnering of the champions would leave out the sex. I would not recommend these books for teens because of the sex. It is unnecessary for the broader book and story and feels forced and unnatural.

Definitely read these books if you are looking for a good fantasy read.

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