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Thanksgiving Project – Long Short Week

I love Holiday weeks. But it means cramming the same amount of work into fewer hours. What it really means is staying on task. It also means staying away from WordPress and Facebook and Twitter. I feel so out of touch with everyone.

But it was a very productive week. Good things got accomplished.

Soren has worn me out in the evenings though. I haven’t had any reading time (and that keeps my life in balance). But, of course, I wouldn’t trade my time with him for anything. We have been busy making memories. My books will be there this weekend.

Off tomorrow to take him home. That will be a long, tiring day. It will be a minimum of 9 hours driving. But I will try and at least listen to an audio book after I drop him off.

Today I’m most thankful for staying focused on some worthwhile projects. I’m thankful for my grandson time. And I’m thankful I’m taking him home tomorrow.

He loved his time outside sitting on tractors, pushing around his bubble mower and even time in my office this morning reading.



By the way, I plan to do zip this weekend. Eat, sleep and read…and not necessarily in that order

Thanksgiving Project – Back Home

Vacations are a great respite from the daily grind. I suppose if we were always on vacation, we wouldn’t appreciate them nearly as much.

But it is always nice to get home. I know I will sleep better in my own bed tonight.

I’m unpacked, laundry done, and I spent the afternoon at work sorting out mail and cleaning out my inbox.

My red skin has turned brown. I’m refreshed and rested. I’m ready to dive back into things again with renewed vigor.

…and I’m already planning my next vacation 🙂

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